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Red Bentuangie Bulk Kratom

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The Red Bentuangie Kratom is a relative newcomer to the market and is a tongue-twister of a strain to watch out for. Pronounced Ben-Twon-Gee, you might mistake this strain as a name for a Jedi Master.

Also known as the Tropical Blend or Superior Bentuangie, the Red Betuangie Kratom has earned for itself a pristine reputation. Considered a favorite among red vein enthusiasts, the Red Betuangie Kratom is a highly sought after product for its consistent and reliable relaxing and sedating effects. one of the most potent strains

What Is This Strain?

The Red Bentuangie hails from West Borneo in Indonesia. Grown to perfection by local specialist farmers, this is a full-bodied red vein if there ever was one. A special fermenting method is employed to create this strain, to which it owes its rich alkaloid profile make-up.

The result is a rare plant with a usually alluring pungent aroma. It also sports rich colors along its stems highlighting its inherent pure attributes. The complex processes needed to create this plant has truly paid off in terms of the quality of the product.

The downside to all this is how it affects the availability and distribution of this product. A good batch of Red Bentuangie is difficult to come by. Well-loved by the natives and local markets, only a few supplies of this pristine strain make it to international shores. Still, many enthusiasts have put in the effort to secure a batch of this scarce but top-quality strain.

What Are The Effects?

The Red Bentuangie is a red vein plant capable of producing a consistent and reliable effect most kratom users are looking for. Its effect comes in moderately with an initial mood-boosting effect and mental relaxation. The calmness you may feel is also accompanied by a voluntary change in your outlook on life. This is a chill strain and you should take it all in for all its glory.

This is a rather potent strain and it is important to understand the limits of your tolerance. For those who have an accurate assessment of this, you will be treated to an amazing sedative effect at higher doses. This is usually the intended effect most red kratom users are looking for and the Red Bentuangie offers it in spades.

Because of these effects, the Red Bentuangie is positioned in the market as one of the best red veins available.

Similar Strains

The pure, unadulterated experience provided for by the Red Bentuangie Kratom has been often likened to the Red Elephant Kratom, also considered a heavy-hitter in the red vein family. Though it manages to hit all the high notes, the Red Elephant specializes in producing most of the effects of kratom but it’s sedative and relaxing effects are like that of the Red Bentuangie.

By association, the Red Bali Kratom and Red Thai Kratom are also other strains that closely mimic the Red Bentuangie. If you are the end of the ropes and unable to find that rare stock of Bentuangie, these two are also solid options for you to choose from.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

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