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Red Bentuangie

(6 customer reviews)


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Product Description

Red Bentuangie Kratom is a relative newcomer to the market and is a tongue-twister of a strain to watch out for. Pronounced Ben-Twon-Gee, you might mistake this strain as a name for a Jedi Master. Also known as the Tropical Blend or Superior Bentuangie, Red Betuangie Kratom has earned for itself a pristine reputation. Considered a favorite among red vein enthusiasts, Red Betuangie Kratom is a highly sought after product for its consistent and reliable alkaloid profile.

Red Bentuangie hails from West Borneo in Indonesia. Grown to perfection by local specialist farmers, this is a full-bodied red vein if there ever was one. A special fermenting method is employed to create this strain, to which it owes its rich alkaloid profile make-up. The result is a rare plant with a usually alluring pungent aroma. It also sports rich colors along its stems highlighting its inherent pure attributes. The complex processes needed to create this plant has truly paid off in terms of the quality of the product.

The downside to all this is how it affects the availability and distribution of this product. A good batch of Red Bentuangie is difficult to come by. Well-loved by the natives and local markets, only a few supplies of this pristine strain make it to international shores. Still, many enthusiasts have put in the effort to secure a batch of this scarce but top-quality strain.

Disclaimer: This product comes with no directions for use. To learn more about kratom, please visit the fda.gov site and search “kratom”. These products are not intended to be used to treat, cure or mitigate any disease, illness, ailment or condition. Handle this products at your own risk. Keep out of reach of children and pets.

Audit Report

All of our products comply with the American Kratom Association cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) program and their audit process.

Red Bentuangie
Red Bentuangie
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Lab Tested

  • All of our products are lab tested by a third party
    • tested for microbialogics, heavy metals, and alkaloids
  • Each 1-ton of Kratom is audited for compliance in:
    • batch production records
    • manufacturing operations
    • lab-testing & record keeping
    • master manufacturing records
    • manufacturing facility & equipment

6 reviews for Red Bentuangie

  1. ken wilson (verified owner)

    This is the Best!

  2. Bill

    Very good quality kratom

  3. William Freimuth 2nd (verified owner)

    Great company and great products, this is my new source for quality Kratom!

  4. ken wilson (verified owner)

    Red Bentuangie Kratom is the best Kratom for Pain..ever..and this company is amazing!

  5. Dale

    This vendor sales the best quality kratom on the market. I refer anyone who is will to try kratom to this website. I have seen this product change and possibly save peoples lives. I just wish they made T-shirts with their logo. I’m considering going to my local print shop.
    Your Biggest Fan

  6. Kenneth Nicely

    Shipping was amazingly fast, I appreciate that big time. I’ve been buying kratom for 12 years now. Vendor is top notch for anyone wondering. Highly recommend BKN to anyone looking for quality at fair prices.

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