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Red Thai

(7 customer reviews)


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Product Description

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Arguably one of the best red vein strains the market has ever seen, Red Thai Kratom is a kratom darling belonging to the top of its class. With its signature red veins, the Red Thai plant is poised to provide a dependable alkaloid profile.

Red Thai Kratom is grown and harvested in the deep lush forests of Thailand. Alternatively, the same plant can be expertly grown from the areas of Indonesia and Malaysia as well. Drawing from the expertise of local farmers who’ve spent a lifetime growing this fabled plant, Red Thai has gained a substantial presence in the Southeast Asia region.

The red characteristics of Red Thai are evidenced in the appearance of its leaves. The stems and veins of the plant are bursting with the deep-red color of its lineage. Leaves grown in Thailand are believed to be the best available in terms of alkaloid content.

Audit Report

All of our products comply with the American Kratom Association cGMP (current good manufacturing practices) program and their audit process.

Red Thai
Red Thai
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Lab Tested

  • All of our products are lab tested by a third party
    • tested for microbialogics, heavy metals, and alkaloids
  • Each 1-ton of Kratom is audited for compliance in:
    • batch production records
    • manufacturing operations
    • lab-testing & record keeping
    • master manufacturing records
    • manufacturing facility & equipment

7 reviews for Red Thai

  1. Deacon Moon

    When my long term source folded, Bulk Kratom Now literally saved me. With their excellent customer service and great product, I am so glad I found them.

  2. Aylin Cline

    I waited forever for my order to arrive

  3. Malaki Dalton

    For obvious reasons I was worried about the low price but can say I was pleasantly surprised with the quality and had no issues in any of my orders. It’s a better and cleaner product than all the rest

  4. Lillie Keith

    This arrived in time and the product was fine

  5. Colin May

    Although I have tried pretty much all the other vendors, BKN has been the best product and price for sure. Excellent experience.

  6. Laurel Fry

    Loved it!

  7. Sophia Hammon


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