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Yellow Vietnam Bulk Kratom

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Yellow Vietnam Kratom is one of the new kids on the block. Taking the kratom market by storm, Yellow Vietnam improves upon its predecessors with its unique hybrid effects only a signature Vietnam strain can provide.

With its rich origins and distinct blend of green and white effects, the Yellow Vietnam is a worthy candidate for your next kratom fix.

What is this strain?

Grown in the lush jungles of Vietnam, the Yellow Vietnam is as rich as its place of origin. The hundred-mile forest surrounding the Mekong river is home to rich soil supplied nearby with multiple branching streams of mineral water.

Its plush natural environment is home a variety of prolific plants, all sharing in each otherโ€™s nutrients under just the right amount of humidity native only to this small paradise of Vietnam. These factors all contribute to the growth of the Yellow Vietnam, purported to have almost 25% more alkaloid over the conventional yellow strain.

Famously known for its yellow to gold-colored veins, the Yellow Vietnam undergoes a drying procedure not uncommon with the fermentation process of tea. This significantly affects the increased alkaloid content believed to produce its distinct effects.

What are the effects?

What sets Yellow Vietnam apart is its perfect balance of elevation and relaxation. Often, the effects of Kratom are usually just one or other but not for this strain.

The effects of Yellow Vietnam are immediate. You might feel a sudden sense of mood elevation with positive vibes all around. Your visual and auditory attunement may also increase providing something close to a relaxing experience. The sedative effects here are also very likely to be absent, making the Yellow Vietnam unique among other strains in this regard.

The mental stimulation you get is a gateway to an erudite enlightenment giving a heightened sense of brainpower and focus. You will be a social butterfly after having a taste of this powder. And speaking of taste, Itโ€™s also worth mentioning that this strain does not have the bitterness common to Kratom powder strains.

A good entry point for newcomers to kratom use, the combined effects of the Yellow Vietnam makes it great for use as a mid-day strain. If you need that pick-me-up halfway through your day, Yellow Vietnam is the perfect option to tide you over. Remember to take this on an empty stomach, though, as the effects are known to be blunted with meals.

Similar strains

Many comparisons are being made with the Maeng Da, a native strain from Thailand because both possess high levels of alkaloid. Arguably the Yellow Vietnam’s competitor, the Maeng Da is known to produce mental stimulatory effects and largely considered the best in his class.

It bears similarities to White strain like the White Bali and White Horn, both popular pick-me-up kratom options. These strains are also known for their mentally stimulating effects like increased focus and environmental awareness. Also known for their social catalyst effects, these strains bear closely these similarities with the Yellow Vietnam.

Ingredients: Mitragyna Speciosa

3 reviews for Yellow Vietnam Bulk Kratom

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