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Green Riau Kratom Benefits, Effects, and Dosage

It is widely regarded by many that the effectiveness of kratom is heavily reliant on where it grows, as is with any other plant. This is probably the reason why the rain-forests of Indonesia and Borneo are home to some of the most potent kratom strains in the world. One particular strain is known as Green Riau Kratom, which is an especially rare type of kratom that’s found by the banks of the Riau River.

Riau Kratom’s environment has resulted in it being extremely potent compared to other kratom strains in the area. Because of this, it’s pretty popular among kratom enthusiasts. In this article, we’ll be exploring the benefits of Green Riau Kratom, and how much you should be taking per dose.

Green Riau Kratom Benefitsgreen riau kratom benefits

Green Riau Kratom’s potency and effectiveness are a little different from other green vein kratom strains. You see, green vein kratom strains are usually known for their long-lasting properties – they may not be as powerful as red or white vein kratom strains, but they’re able to let you experience the effects for longer.

Things are a little different from Green Riau Kratom, however. Green Riau Kratom is more effective than other green vein kratom strains, but this doesn’t come without a cost – it lasts shorter than other strains. Because of this, it can be great for moments where you need that extra kick.

Green Riau Kratom Effects

While many green vein kratom strains are known for their energy-boosting properties, Green Riau Kratom leans more towards red vein properties instead. Most notably, Green Riau Kratom is known to provide a relaxing feeling to the user, which is great if you just want to relax and unwind at home.

Paired with the relaxing effect is also a sense of euphoria. In a sense, Green Riau Kratom can get you high, but it isn’t as damaging as you may think. You’ll feel happier and more light-headed, but you’ll still be able to do your usual tasks, as long as you haven’t taken heavy doses.

Green Riau Kratom Dosagegreen riau kratom dosage

Since Green Riau Kratom is considerably stronger than other green vein kratom strains, you may want to tone down on the doses until you get used to it. In fact, even experienced kratom users should be fine with around 5 grams, as the added potency of Green Riau Kratom should make up for it.

Like with other green vein kratom strains, you may want to ingest it during the day, as the energy-boosting effects may affect your sleep. Since it doesn’t last as long as other strains, however, you may be able to take it early in the evening and experience no sleeping problems whatsoever.

Similar Strains

If you’re in need of a potent alternative to Green Riau Kratom, then try out Green Maeng Da Kratom. Genetically modified to be stronger than the average green vein kratom strain, Maeng Da is even considered to be stronger than Green Riau Kratom by some.

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