Appalachian Herbs Kratom Vendor Review

Everyone’s trying to get their slice of the herbal market these days, no matter how tight the competition might get. And while other, well-funded herbal vendors dominate the industry with their professional branding and expensive marketing plans, there’s an equal number of grass-roots operations that do what they can with what they have.

And that’s part of Appalachian Herbs’ charm. The brand might not be big on advertising, and their ultra simplified website might not look to enticing, but their dedication to providing wholesome, natural wellness products has earned them a cult following that trusts them as a go-to.


Appalachian Herbs Kratom Vendor Review


Appalachian Herbs Reviews

The brand gets its name from the Appalachian Mountains — a 1,500 mile mountain range found in North America. The mountains are believed to house hundreds of varieties of native herbs that have been used by Native Americans for medicinal purposes. Thus, the Appalachian Herbs vendor carries a variety of well known herbal remedies.

Unfortunately, this also makes their name immensely common across the web, with various articles and even other businesses using a similar moniker. That’s why it’s almost impossible to find any relevant information on Appalachian Herbs, their offers, and what buyers think about their products and services.

According to their website however, they are a relatively small start-up based in Kentucky. This could mean that they have a limited reach, which might explain why there’s not so much information on their brand. It also doesn’t seem like they’re too prominent on social media, which makes it even harder to perform due diligence.


Appalachian Herbs Product Line-Up

Just for clarification — Appalachian Herbs doesn’t sell kratom just yet. While the herb definitely looks like it could fit in with the rest of their products, Appalachian Herbs maintains a modest selection of herbal remedies that includes some of the most popular natural medicines on the market.

Of course, CBD has a place in their inventory, coming in the form of CBD Isolate powder, CBD isolate tincture, and full spectrum CBD oil. They also offer a powerful 10x Kanna Extract Powder — a strong mood booster with milder effects than kratom and CBD.

Other noteworthy items worthy of note include their 60% and 80% kavalactone CO2 Extract which is made from pure kava kava, and works to inspire feelings of calm, relaxation, and happiness. Again, benefits are far less pronounced than that of kratom or CBD, but users with a low tolerance might benefit from the mild effects.

That about sums up all of the herbs available on the Appalachian Herbs line-up. The rest of their inventory is made up of bespoke paraphernalia that’s used for all sorts of herbal medicinal remedies. They offer glass spoon pipes, palo santo, non-stick silicone jars, stickers, and pins.

Maeng Da

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Red Bali

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Super Green Malay

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Appalachian Herbs Pricing and Coupon Codes

All things considered, you wouldn’t really call their line-up expensive, but they’re definitely not cheap either. Their 99% pure CBD Isolate Powder contains 1000mg of CBD at just 1g of weight, and retails for a whopping $10.99. Their isolate and full spectrum tinctures go for $19.99 each, which places each mL at $0.66 each.

Their 10x Kanna Extract Powder retails for $4.99 for 10g, and their 80% Kavalactone CO2 sells for $7.99 each tub. Bespoke pipes tend to vary in prices, but average around $30 bucks a piece.

Since they are a start up, Appalachian Herbs doesn’t offer too many discounts but they do what they can. The brand shaves off shipping fees for orders $15 or over, which is definitely a much lower minimum spend requirement than what most other vendors require.

If you’re looking for other ways to spend less on their products, the brand posts regular updates on their blog including discount offers that you can claim depending on their availability. Their newsletter also provides regular updates on their promotional offers, sales, and other discounts to help you spend less on your next purchase.


Appalachian Herbs Kratom Vendor


The Verdict on Appalachian Herbs

It’s always nice to see a start-up pushing its way through the competitive herbal remedies market, and while there’s definitely room for improvement for the Appalachian Herbs brand, it offers some pretty reasonable picks at present.

In the future, it would be nice to see the brand stock up on more relevant items like kratom. But until then, their interesting of select herbs and accessories might be more than enough to get you to give their products a try.