Artisan Botanicals Vendor Review

Kratom vendors litter the US market, especially as the herb’s popularity continues to rise. But of course, no two vendors are the same. While everyone wants quality product, the question always boils down to prices and how much you’re willing to pay to get your hands on good kratom.

Artisan Botanicals is one of the many kratom vendors presently battling it out for the top spot on the market. Offering a substantial range of kratom choices, the brand aims to compete with other, better established names in the hopes of becoming the ultimate go-to for all things kratom.


Artisan Botanicals Vendor


Reviews About Artisan Botanicals

Their name pretty much sums up what they hope to achieve. The brand places significant emphasis on providing buyers with natural products that work to support wellness. According to the brand’s website, all of their kratom is 100% natural, safe, and pure. But like many other kratom vendors on the market, Artisan Botanicals doesn’t provide lab reports for their kratom products up front.

A little digging will reveal that there’s not a lot of information about Artisan Botanicals, especially from the perspective of their buyers. There are a few Reddit threads from around four years ago however that discuss their prices. This is an issue that the brand has since resolved, allowing them to offer their products at a more affordable cost.

In terms of the quality of their selection, there aren’t a lot of reviews for their products. The feedback feature on their website accepts input from anyone who can access the site, so it’s tough to truly trust in what’s written there. On the upside however, their Google Business Page sees quite a lot of action, with over 300 reviews and an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars.


Artisan Botanicals Product Selection

There are about 15 different kratom powder choices on the Artisan Botanicals line-up, some of which include their unique blends. They’ve got pretty much all the bases covered with their range of kratom strains and colors that include all of the basics you would expect from a vendor.

Their choices include:

On the other hand their blends include choices like Comfort, Energy, and Master Blend Power. All of these picks are available in pouches of 25g, 200g, or 250g. Buyers who don’t want to deal with the tedious process of handling and measuring powders, the brand offers the same blends and varieties in capsule form.

There are quite a number of other products on their list of offers, specifically directed towards buyers who want more variety and kick. One of the more interesting choices would be their kratom extract chewables which are basically tablets that you can take by grinding them down with your teeth. They’re available in 45x and 80x strength, which makes them ideal for those with a slightly higher tolerance.

Crushed leaf is also available on Artisan Botanicals website, providing buyers options that are segregated by color. If you’re interested in incorporating other herbal goodies into your wellness plan, it helps to know that Artisan Botanicals also sells a range of CBD products.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Artisan Botanicals Pricing and Coupon Codes

Artisan Botanicals Vendor ReviewAlthough they don’t sell any of their products in bulk (which can be a bummer for those who want to save and stock up), they do offer their kratom at relatively affordable prices. A 25g packet of their powder starts at $5, with blends going for $6. A 250g bag costs $32, which means a kilogram would stand at around $128 if you were to decide to purchase four 250g bags. All things considered, those aren’t really bad prices.

Their kratom capsules sell for $12 for 50ct, $42 for 200ct, or $80 for 500ct. Their kratom extract chewables sell for much more however, as expected. Each 45x chewable goes for $3.50, while their 80x kratom extract chewable sells for a whopping $7 each.

If you’re hoping to give their stuff a try but need that extra nudge to go for it, you might be happy to know that Artisan Botanicals gives out a 10% off voucher for first time buyers who sign up for their newsletter. Of course, they also use these emails to send out regular discount codes and promotional offers, so repeat buyers can get the latest information on price cuts.

Other ways to save up on your Artisan Botanicals purchase would be to check out their social media pages. They’re particular active on Instagram, and they have been known to post a voucher or two straight to their feed.


The Verdict on Artisan Botanicals

Artisan Botanicals is yet another brand that promise pure, organic kratom. And although they might not have the lab reports on their website to prove it, the extensive number of reviews about their products make them a viable vendor nonetheless. Their impressive range of products coupled with their fair prices can draw in any avid kratom consumer. So if you were hoping to find your next go-to source for consistent quality, fairly priced kratom, Artisan Botanicals might be worth the shot.