Austin Organic Village Kratom Vendor Review

Located in downtown Austin Texas, Austin Organic Village was founded with the intention to help people experience the benefits of high quality kratom. The founder himself was an avid user of kratom for a while, and his passion for the product soon grew into a calling to establish his own brand.

Today, Austin Organic Village is one of the biggest suppliers for both kratom and CBD products. The brand offers fair prices on their retail packages, but also delivers some of the most affordable bulk kratom choices presently available.


Austin Organic Village Kratom Review

A quick search of the brand reveals that they don’t have a lot of negative reviews. And if there were any, the massive outpouring of positive feedback easily covers up anything less than five stars. On their website, the brand uses a third-party review verifier, and 127 of the 129 available reviews are purely five-star ratings, with the remaining two offering four star feedback.


Austin Organic Village Kratom Vendor


Austin Organic Village Kratom Product Line-Up

Austin Organic Village features kratom as their bread and butter, although they also have a range of CBD formulations lining their shelves. Their kratom powders include all of the most popular kratom strains, like Red Maeng Da, White Super Kratom, and Green Borneo, to name a few.

Aside from the basic powders, the brand also has what they call Kratom Extract – a blackened kratom powder formula that touts up to 65 times the strength of average powder. This ultra-concentrated product provides a potent hit that’s great for those who need something a little stronger.

Needless to say, the brand also carries kratom capsules in a massive 350 count jar. If you were looking to try a range of other products, the website also features every kind of CBD product you can think of, and also offers other botanicals and even merchandise like t-shirts.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Prices for Austin Organic Village’s kratom powders vary depending on the strain. On average though, you can expect to pay as little as $7 for a 20 gram package. Their retail packages increase in weight up to 1000 grams, which cost around $121 – a fairly low price considering the cost of many other products out there.

If you’re not sure what strain to choose, you can buy their kratom starter kit that features six different strains for an easy price of just $39. For those who prefer rotating their strains to prevent developing a tolerance, the brand offers two-way split options that let you get the same price for one kilo of kratom, split into two varieties of 500 grams each. These cost just $128 for the entire bundle.


Austin Organic Village Kratom Coupon Code

If you were hoping to get a discount, the best way to do it would be to subscribe to the brand’s newsletter. Right off the bat, this gives you an easy 10% discount voucher code on your first order. The brand also sends out other vouchers and promotional offers every Wednesday, so the newsletter may be a good way to save if you’re a recurring buyer.

Other than that, subscribing to the newsletter also automatically enters you into the brand’s giveaway program that ships out free kratom or CBD products to chosen mailing list members.


Austin Organic Village Kratom


Consumer Reputation

Reading through the reviews left behind by verified buyers, it’s easy to see that Austin Organic Village lives up to their promise of delivering quality kratom products. The only negative comments that the brand received out of all of those left on their website is that there might be delays in shipping from time to time. Keep in mind though that the brand isn’t necessarily responsible for courier delays.


Austin Organic Village Kratom Customer Support

If there’s anything that Austin Organic Village is known for other than their quality kratom, it’s their customer support. The brand has a chat agent available on the website for most hours throughout the day, giving buyers prompt support and assistance.

They also offer a number of other ways to get in touch, including their social media profiles, their email address, and their dedicated telephone line. One reviewer did leave a comment about the brand’s customer support agents however, claiming that there might be one or two support reps that aren’t exactly what you would call polite or accommodating.


The Bottom Line

Austin Organic Village offers a range of impressive kratom products that include all of the basic strains you would expect – and a few unique extracts. With a number of positive reviews and competitive prices, this brand offers a delightful buyer experience that rivals some of the most prominent kratom brands on the market. So if you were interested in restocking your stash, Austin Organic Village might be able to offer you bulk packages that won’t break the bank.


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