Beaufort Kratom Vendor Review – Should You Give Them a Shot?

Beaufort Kratom isn’t really one of the brands that will pop out when you do a Google search. The fact is, they’re not exactly a top shelf brand, and there are lots of other kratom vendors out there who do more to reach higher levels of popularity and prominence. But even then, there are a bunch of folks who manage to discover Beaufort Kratom nonetheless. The only question is — are they worth giving a shot?

The initial impression that online reviews and feedback might leave indicates that they are, in fact, well worth the purchase. But do a little extra digging, and you might unearth some unsavory realities about the brand and its owner. Find out everything you need to know about Beaufort Kratom here.

Beaufort Kratom Reviews

Because of their name, it’s not exactly that easy to find relevant reviews about Beaufort Kratom. On their website, products don’t really have any reviews. So your best bet of finding relevant information about their products would be to check other places on the web.

Reddit does have a few entries about Beaufort Kratom, but consumer generated content is rare. Mostly, threads that talk about Beaufor Kratom come from the vendor itself as an attempt to get the Reddit audience to try their products.

The few Reddit threads that talk about Beaufort Kratom don’t provide too much information about quality, safety, or purity. While there might be some previous buyers who speak highly about the brand, there have also been some threads that place the vendor in a different light entirely.

Beaufort Kratom vendor

One thread explains that the owner had once gone on Facebook live, showing his viewers that he was being fined $1000 a day to do business by a local code enforcement.

Because he didn’t provide much information aside from that, buyers were inclined to believe that he was being bullied by local authorities simply because he was selling kratom. He then prompted them  to support his small business by buying more of his stuff, which they did.

When the smoke had settled however, it was found that the fine was for zoning, and not for anything kratom related. The whole incident has since left a bad taste in the mouths of buyers, especially since the owner knew fully well that his tactics would lead to higher sales.

What Do They Offer?

Beaufort offers a reasonable selection that provides buyers with all of their familiar favorites and then some. The vendor offers both powders and capsules, giving kratom heads a suitable choice to match their preferred method of use. Their strains include:

Color veins vary depending on the strain, but they mainly offer greens, reds, whites, and yellows. In terms of package size, they sell their powders in weights of 2oz, 250g, or 500g. Their capsules on the other hand come in packs of 1.5 oz, 250g, or 500g. So unfortunately for you bulk buyers out there, they don’t really sell any bags in coveted kilo weights.

Now, despite getting some bad publicity because of their sketchy marketing tactics, the brand has earned a solid patronage nonetheless because of their lab tested product. They’re one of the few brands that showcases their lab reports right on their website, so you know exactly the kind of product you’re getting before you even make a purchase.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What Will It Cost?

Now it all boils down to cost. Because Beaufort Kratom doesn’t have any kilograms or bulk packages, you should expect their powder and capsule packs to be a little overpriced. Their 2oz packet sells for $20, while their 250g bag goes for $45. If you’re looking to buy 500g of powder, expect to pay $80. Double that for a kilogram, and you’ll pay $160.

To put things into perspective, other vendors sell their kilograms for as little as $70 each. There are Southeast Asian brands that can ship kilograms to the United States for just $35 each plus a minimal shipping fee. So it’s not hard to see that Beaufort’s stuff is definitely up there.

The reason for their prices however is that they guarantee quality. And since most negative reviews center on their questionable business practices and not the quality of their herb, their prices might actually be justified.

Buyers hoping to save a buck should be able to do so with Beaufort Kratom voucher codes available through their newsletter or through their socials. If you’re particularly pressed for cash, they have a Helping Hearts program that lets buyers pay for kratom donations in advance. A heart is placed up on their brick-and-mortar wall where clients in need can grab one and claim a small pouch of powder at the register — no payment required.

The Verdict

There may be a few questionable points in Beaufort Kratom’s history, but they make up for it with their dedication to helping kratom heads who might be in a tight spot. Of course, their products are still overpriced and the selection might not be too extensive. But if you’ve got extra to spend and you don’t want to buy something that hasn’t been tested in a lab, then Beaufort Kratom might be worth a shot.