Botanical Bunny Kratom Vendor Review – A Cult Fave

Every once in a while, you’ll come across a trusted vendor that’s just not getting the accolade it deserves. More often than not though, that indie vibe will add to its overall charm, creating a cult following that solidifies its reputation as a formidable kratom market contender. And one of those vendors is Botanical Bunny.

botanical bunny kratom vendor review

A visit to their website might not wow the crowds, but what they lack in fancy marketing and branding, they make up for with some of the best kratom you’ll ever try. Their exotic range of products and their pro-consumer prices have made them a vendor to be reckoned with.

Botanical Bunny Reviews

The Botanical Bunny website is pretty minimalist in a non-trendy kind of way. The design and web copy don’t really try to lure in consumers with fancy aesthetics and flowery words. Heck, they don’t even have any reviews on their website, but they get steady patronage anyway.

Check other sources like Reddit, and you’ll find a wealth of knowledge on Botanical Bunny. Threads containing endless comments from hundreds of users explain exactly the kind of quality that Botanical Bunny provides. This simply shows how they’ve managed to stay in the game despite not being quite as popular as their competition.

There’s a lot to love about Botanical Bunny — from their exotic kratom selection to their budget-friendly prices. And while they might not be AKA or GMP certified, past buyers will vouch for the safety and purity of their products, claiming that the Botanical Bunny brand sells some of the best premium kratom money can buy.

What Do They Offer?

One thing that gives Botanical Bunny an edge is their exotic selection of kratom choices. Keeping things nice and simple, this kratom vendor offers nothing other than powders, sold in a wide spectrum of strains and color veins to give you what you’re looking for and more.

Their kratom strains include:

Color veins include red, white, green, yellow, and gold, providing buyers the whole range of kratom effects they might enjoy best. Their powder packs start at 1oz each for those looking to get smaller amounts, but they also offer bags containing 100g, 250g, and 1kg.

Although they are a pretty small brand (seemingly run out of a basement), the brand offers lab reports for all of their products right on the website. This makes it easier for buyers to get the whole picture, so you’re never in the dark about what you’re buying.

All of their products also have batch and lot numbers so you can easily keep track of inventory and see how old their products are.

Aside from their kratom, Botanical Bunny sells a bunch of other items like soaps, essential oils, and even candies. To protect their brand from prying eyes, they also like to keep their kratom selection hush hush, so you’re not likely to find the speciosa products plastered on their home page.

How Much Will It Cost?

While there are other vendors out there charging exorbitant prices for their kratom, Botanical Bunny likes to keep things pro-consumer by offering their stuff right within the market standards.

An ounce of their powder sells for just $5, making their small pouches extra accessible to their consumer base. Their kilograms on the other hand go for $90 each. For reference, the cheapest kilograms range between $35 to $60, which are definitely cheaper than the Botanical Bunny kilos.

But when you consider the quality that they provide and the certainty of their safety (as evidenced by lab reports), then it doesn’t really hurt too much to spend that $90. Plus, kratom kilos below $100 are considered cheaper than majority of the other choices you’ll find on the web.

Perhaps the only downside with Botanical Bunny is that they don’t have a lot of discount codes or vouchers. That’s only because they’re a pretty small brand. That said, you might not be able to find a voucher for Botanical Bunny online too often.

They also don’t have a newsletter or active social media pages. On the upside, they have been known to host the seasonal sale now and again. So, if you were hoping to get your purchase at a discount, it wouldn’t hurt to visit their website on the regular.

The Verdict

Botanical Bunny has made a name for itself on the kratom market despite their weak marketing strategy and their lack of popularity. That’s just what happens when you sell quality kratom.

Offering an exotic list of kratom products — all of which are fully backed with lab reports — it’s not hard to see how Botanical Bunny has amassed such a large following. And because they’re also incredibly affordable, there’s really nothing to lose when you decide to buy from these guys.

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