Botanical Kratom Vendor Review

We’ve all seen our fair share of questionable kratom vendors out there. Heck, we might have even tried buying their products at one point or another. The fact is, the market is riddled with kratom vendors that are just out here looking to lure in an unsuspecting buyer. Fortunately, the general kratom consumer base is getting smarter when it comes to choosing a vendor.

Botanical Kratom is one such brand that might require a second look. Operating through a website that looks like it was spat out by the 90’s, Botanical Kratom is a questionable kratom source that might call for some extra due diligence.


Botanical Kratom Vendor


Botanical Kratom Reviews

Here’s what’s tough about Botanical Kratom — their name. The vendor’s brand name is perhaps as vague as they get, especially when you’re searching a database as wide as Google. Needless to say, the search engine delivers zero relevant results when the keywords ‘botanical’ and ‘kratom’ are keyed in together, since there are way too many articles and resources that use these two words.

What you’ll find however is that there are quite a lot of YouTube videos that seem to endorse Botanical Kratom. Most of these videos claim that Botanical Kratom offers potent product that competes closely with some of the biggest names in the market. But with the same lines said over and over again across different recordings, it’s hard to believe at a glance.

And we find some clarity through Reddit. Posts made on the cut-throat kratom scene assert that the videos about Botanical Kratom come from individuals who are signed up as affiliate marketers for the brand, which would explain their stellar feedback. Based on reviews from Redditors, Botanical Kratom is no better than your average haeadshop stuff.

In fact, there are others that asser that Botanical Kratom is no good at all. With multiple buyers claiming that the brand delivers zero effects, some are inclined to believe that Botanical Kratom uses a substantial amount of fillers or ultra low quality herb for their products.


Botanical Kratom Product Line-Up

Botanical Kratom carries some 99 products, combining kratom, natural herbs, essential oils, CBD, and accessories. Their kratom powders are available in strains like Indo, Maeng Da, and Horned Leaf. Other than that however, their selection falls short of variety since most kratom powders and capsules are simply labeled green, red, or white vein.

If you’re thinking of stocking up, Botanical Kratom doesn’t sell kilogram bags, and their available weights can be pretty limited compared to what other vendors offer. They sell 38g, 66g, 178g, and 346g. They also sell capsules in 50ct and 100ct packages.

For a little added variety, Botanical Kratom sells Super White and Super Green kratom powders that are said to be stronger than the standard kratom powder. They also have signature blends that combine their available powders to change up the kratom user experience.

According to the vendor’s website, they impose strict standards when choosing their product to make sure that their buyers are getting the best quality herb on the market. But even then, they don’t actually have anything to prove their product’s quality.

Botanical Kratom doesn’t provide any sort of lab reports for their products, and neither do they even mention whether their product was tested for purity and safety in the first place. And with a lot of reviews claiming that the product does nothing to indicate ‘good quality’, the lack of paperwork can be troubling.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Botanical Kratom Pricing and Coupon Codes

Here’s another area where Botanical Kratom might raise a few brows. The vendor sells their kratom for unreasonably high prices. And considering the fact that they can’t even cough out any lab reports to justify their alleged ‘high quality’, it’s difficult to find the confidence to spend that much on their offers.

Their smallest 38g packet sells for a whopping $39.99 while their 346g bags (which are the largest they offer) go for as much as $129.99. Keep in mind that some of the most well-established, high end kratom brands sell their kilogram packages for less than $120, so paying $129.99 for some mediocre product might be a little unreasonable.

Even more troubling is the fact that the brand doesn’t have any sort of free shipping promo. Their website seems absolutely void of any way to get a discount, including the staple newsletter sign up. Without any social media pages and very limited resources online that point to Botanical Kratom, it’s not likely that you’ll find a discount for their offers.


Botanical Kratom Vendor Review


The Verdict on Botanical Kratom

Although they do what they can to hype up their brand, the Botanical Kratom vendor kind of falls short of expectations if there were any. The vendor’s expensive products and narrow selection make them a poor choice compared to all the other options out there that provide better variety and prices. And since they’re not inclined to give out discounts for their overpriced products, you might find yourself spending more than you would versus many other well-established brands.