Dayak Kratom Vendor Review

For every stellar, reliable kratom vendor, there are about triple the number of shady speciosa sellers hoping to join the circuit and woo unsuspecting consumers. That’s why buyers on the kratom market are perhaps some of the most careful, treading ever so lightly and performing FBI-grade due diligence to make sure they don’t fall into a bad purchase.

While there are quite a handful of brands out there that lay out all the information about their company, products, and even their personnel, there are others that make the hunt a little more complicated — Dayak Kratom is one of them. With limited information on their brand and just a Facebook page to tell their buyers what’s up, it’s no surprise that many kratom heads have a million questions about the brand.


Dayak Kratom Review

Dayak Kratom is actually a vape shop, specializing in vape essentials and accessories. Nonetheless, they do dabble in kratom products. According to the brand’s owner, they source their kratom straight from the Dayak Tribe in West Borneo, Indonesia which is a pretty strong claim that no one can really confirm.

Now, we know what you’re thinking — another head shop brand. While there are a fair share of downsides to transacting with Dayak Kratom, the brand muscles it out with competition through a variety of other ways that might just make them worth dealing with.


Dayak Kratom Vendor Review


Dayak Kratom Product Line-Up

In true head shop brand fashion, Dayak Kratom’s products are available in a limited selection. All of their products used horned leaf varieties in various color veins. They offer green, red, and white, which pretty much caters to every kind of kratom user whether they’re interested in calming or energizing effects.

While there’s nothing wrong with just working with a few strains, the main issue with Dayak Kratom’s products is that they don’t have any sort of documentation to prove their chemistry. The brand boasts ‘potent powder’ but fails to substantiate it with any certificates of analysis or lab reports.

What’s more, availability is another major downside. Although Dayak used to have an online storefront, they have since closed their website and sell their products through their brick-and-mortar. They do have a few partner resellers however, but then again, these resellers are given the liberty to decide their own prices.

Maeng Da

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What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Although the lack of documentation might be a major downside, Dayak Kratom tries to make up for it with their prices. Their products are available for as little as $3.25. For bulk buyers, the brand can offer their 2,000 capsule package for as little as $227.25 which brings the price of each cap to just one cent. They also offer their powders in various package sizes, with their 1lb pack costing $54 on Tuesdays (more on that later.)

There are lots of places online where you can buy Dayak Kratom. Retailers like Kratom Crusade often have Dayak Kratom’s products on-hand, but you can’t really expect them to sell the stuff at the same price as Dayak does through their own store. But even then, if you really wanted to try Dayak’s products and you’re not in their area, then one of their online resellers might be worth a shot.


Dayak Kratom Coupon Code

Since Dayak Kratom operates strictly through their Facebook, coupon codes and discounts are pretty hard to come by. But even if they don’t hand out vouchers, they do have a scheduled day for discount offers. The brand sells their products at 20% off on Tuesdays which gives their buyers reason to keep an eye on their calendars. Other than that, you could always keep an eye on their Facebook page where they post regularly about sales and other promotional offers.


Dayak Kratom Consumer Reputation

Dayak Kratom offers your run-of-the-mill vape shop kratom, so you should probably know better than to expect premier quality speciosa. Nonetheless, they have amassed quite a large following because of the air of familiarity and friendship that they try to breed.

The Dayak Kratom vape shop is known for its fun ambiance and for the people that visit. With something of a community vibe going on, the brand’s patronage sticks around not just because of their kratom (which isn’t exactly the best), but also because of the tight-knit friendships that exist at the shop.


Dayak Kratom Vendor Review


Dayak Kratom Customer Support

There are only two ways to reach Dayak Kratom — the first is through their Facebook page, and the second is through their physical store. Sure, they really don’t offer a lot of options but that doesn’t really turn out to be the main problem with customer support anyway.

If you do manage to get in touch with Dayak Kratom, you can’t really expect stellar, world-class customer support. The brand isn’t too responsive to consumer concerns sent through their Facebook and they don’t refund orders either. So when you make a Dayak purchase, you best believe it’s a sealed deal.


The Verdict on Dayak Kratom

Their limited selection, poor availability online, and lack of kratom paperwork make Dayak Kratom just another shady vape shop brand. But if you were hoping to get in touch with other kratom heads that are on the same wavelength, the brand’s tight-knit community might be worth patronizing them for.