Deep Jungle Kratom Vendor Review

According to surveys, kratom purity is one of the most significant considerations that buyers make when choosing kratom products. No one wants any of that chemically enhanced stuff — the real, organic product is where it’s at. And so, it comes as no wonder that Deep Jungle Kratom has earned quite the reputation with their name alone.

Boasting pure, unadulterated, all-organic plant chemistry, Deep Jungle Kratom is yet another one of those brands that promises nothing but the real deal. And although all of the flowery marketing copy might reel you in, there’s a whole lot more to choosing a brand than simply basing your decision off of their sales talk.


Deep Jungle Kratom Vendor


Deep Jungle Kratom Review

Deep Jungle Kratom enjoys a relatively lively online presence, with most buyers going out of their way to post on forums to talk about the brand without having to be prompted to do it with rewards and discounts. Reddit is teeming with a wealth of information about the Deep Jungle Kratom brand and most buyers on the threads claim that the name sells some of the best stuff they’ve ever tried.

Generally, Deep Jungle Kratom is positively regarded by those who have tried it. And although there are a few that have made comments on the brand’s prices, most of their patrons claim that the products are potent enough to be worth the premium prices.


Deep Jungle Kratom Product Line-Up

Unlike other brands that attract their buyers through extensive product line-ups, Deep Jungle Kratom keeps things simple with their modest selection. The brand’s selection includes just four kratom varieties, namely:

They sell all of their varieties as both powders or capsules. Powder package sizes include 4oz, 8oz, 16oz, and 1kg. Their capsules on the other hand are sold in bottles of 25, 50, or 100 pieces. If you’re buying in bulk, you have the option to break down the total weight into varying strains by indicating your choices during check-out.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

For context, it’s important to remember that Deep Jungle Kratom isn’t interested in selling their products at the lowest prices you’ll find. That said, you should expect to pay slightly more than your usual stuff if you want to buy Deep Jungle Kratom’s products.

That said, prices for their powders are as follows:

  • $40 for 4oz
  • $65 for 8oz
  • $115 for 16oz
  • $215 for 1kg

Do note that there are some noteworthy brands out there that sell their kilogram bags for as little as $80 to $90 each, which means that Deep Jungle’s kratom — even when purchased in bulk — costs more than double the price that other veteran vendors offer them for.

Deep Jungle’s capsules on the other hand follow these prices:

  • 25ct for $13.50
  • 50ct for $24.50
  • 100ct for $45.50

Now, before you double guess your purchase, it’s worth pointing out that Deep Jungle Kratom doesn’t charge extra for shipping regardless of how little or how much you’re buying. If you want to get your package faster though, they offer expedited shipping for an added $8.


Deep Jungle Kratom Coupon Code

During checkout, the Deep Jungle Kratom website does have a small area where you can apply a coupon code if you have one. But then again, the issue really lies in where you might be able to find a code.

The website doesn’t have a newsletter sign up section, so there’s no way to get updates on discount offers and promotions. Other than that, Deep Jungle Kratom doesn’t have much of an online presence on any social media platform which means you can’t really depend on them to give out a discount code even during special seasons.


Deep Jungle Kratom Consumer Reputation

So, what are buyers saying about Deep Jungle Kratom? Lots of those who participate in Reddit threads talking about the brand claim that they offer some of the best Green Malay on the market. Many of the buyers claim to be long-term patrons who have done business with Deep Jungle for years.

If there’s anything that takes away from their reputation however it’s that they have significantly higher prices than many other brands who are known to offer similarly potent kratom. On top of that, Deep Jungle Kratom doesn’t have any lab test results or certificates of analysis for any of their strains. So there’s no way to tell exactly what’s in their products, although they claim to sell 100% pure, organic kratom.


Deep Jungle Kratom Vendor Review


Deep Jungle Kratom Customer Support

Here’s another aspect of the perfect vendor prototype that Deep Jungle kind of misses. They don’t respond to quickly to consumer concerns and messages which is probably because of the fact that they have a limited number of contact methods available. They accept inquiries and concerns through their contact form on their website as well as through the email address posted on the same page. They also have their physical address available for people in their locality who might want to walk in and get more prompt assistance.


The Verdict on Deep Jungle Kratom

There are a lot of things that Deep Jungle Kratom could improve. From their modest selection, their lack of COAs, their limited customer support channels, to their steep prices — the brand is definitely far from perfect. But with a wealth of buyers claiming that the vendor has some of the best Green Malay around, you might just find reason to forgive all of those flaws.