DG Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review – Take Your Money Somewhere Else

The kratom competition is getting pretty tight, so it’s really no surprise how some kratom vendors use whatever tactics they can to draw in their consumers. For some vendors, high levels of secrecy and confidentiality seem to work, giving their customers a feeling of exclusivity. The DG Botanicals brand seems to have taken that course, but it’s not really working in their favor.

This seedy vendor has been around for a few years, but with time, their popularity seems to have waned. What was once a promising venture has soured and turned into a money trap, just waiting to take advantage of the next unsuspecting buyer. So before you spend your hard-earned cash on their stuff, make sure you read this review.

DG botanicals kratom vendor review

DG Botanicals Reviews

DG Botanicals used to be a budding business just over three years ago. While most of Reddit agreed that their products weren’t the best in the biz, they weren’t exactly a bad brand to try. In fact, their range had a few high notes that made them quite popular among newbies and casual users.

But a few years back, the company suffered a major loss as customs seized 700 kilograms of incoming product. It left the vendor sunken deep into significant debt, which prompted them to do what they could to earn back what they lost. And while some buyers were willing to spend their money on whatever the vendor had left, there just wasn’t enough stock for the company to bounce back.

Fast forward a few years, and the community has noticed a significant change in the brand’s quality. What was once okay herb has turned into ineffective powder. You might as well take flour in place of their kratom, and you wouldn’t notice the difference. Some Redditors believe that the vendor may have started purchasing supply from cheaper wholesalers to help the business recover.

Today, the DG Botanicals website is nothing but a notice that instructs visitors to send an email to get a menu. A little digging also shows that they’ve employed a few dirty tactics to make them harder to trace, including registering their brand under the company DGB, Inc. which also turns out to be a home appliance installation service and a non-accredited trucking company.

What Do They Offer?

To learn more about their selection, you’re going to have to send them an email. The vendor has since employed this tactic after their shipments were seized. They’re just trying to be a little more careful with their product, especially since they’ve already suffered major losses. The downside of course is that the shopping experience becomes a lot less convenient for buyers who like seamless transactions.

Because they’ve gone incognito, it’s tough to figure out what DG Botanicals actually offers. What we do know however is that they carry all of the basics, giving you a list of familiar favorites to choose from. Some of their picks include:

Color veins change from strain to strain, but they don’t always carry all of their picks in red, white, or green. They also don’t sell anything other than powders, so convenience shoppers who want the ease of a capsule might not find what they want through the shop’s menu.

As you might expect, none of the picks on the DG Botanicals website have lab reports. They also aren’t GMP or AKA certified, which speaks volumes about their quality. But if you really want to know what their products are like, a quick walk through Reddit might tell you.

Most of those who have recently purchased from DG claim that their product is absolute bunk. Their kratom powders have significantly downgraded in quality since the big raid, so you really can’t expect to get too much out of their offers. Aside from being totally impotent, their powders have also been known to cause headaches and nausea.

Do keep in mind that there are some users who have detailed positive experiences with the brand even after the big seizure. But even then, the inconsistency of reviews and the mixed response might point to equally inconsistent product.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What Will It Cost?

Price transparency just makes it that much easier to shop around. But because DG Botanicals refuses to disclose their product prices, there’s a lot of price guesswork involved. A lot of those who have tried their products claim that they’re just way too expensive considering the cost of their product.

For the sake of reference, most vendors sell premium powder for just $70 a kilogram. However lots of previous DG buyers claim that the vendor has been selling their stuff for way over market value. They’ve also stopped selling their kratom powders in bulk, so you’re not likely to get enough product to keep your stash nice and fat.

Sadly, coupon codes and discount vouchers are out of the question for DG Botanicals. At this point, the vendor is just keen on winning back what they lost. So you might not find a discount code for any of their products in a while.

The Bottom Line

It’s truly unfortunate what happened to DG Botanicals. But that’s no reason to spend your money on product that won’t do you good. Their powders have significantly lost potency and quality since their big loss. So while they’re still trying to recover, you might want to consider spending your big bucks elsewhere.