Dr. Kratom Botanicals Vendor Review

These days, buyers interested in kratom want more than just an herb to get them through the aches and pains. People take kratom to live healthier, happier lives free from all sorts of synthetic medications and supplements. And that’s why vendors like Dr. Kratom Botanicals have found such popularity under the kratom sun.

Offering everything from kratom, to CBD, potentiators, and a wide range of ethnobotanicals, Dr. Kratom Botanicals aims to become the ultimate one-stop-shop for buyers who want to achieve health minus all the synthetics.


Dr. Kratom Botanicals Vendor


Dr. Kratom Botanicals Review

Dr. Kratom Botanicals has received a number of reviews on their Google Business Page. But because anyone can leave a review on Google, you might want to compare those reviews with other sources to see if they’ve got similar feedback. That said, the problem is that Dr. Kratom Botanicals doesn’t seem to have a lot of non-Google reviews online.

With about 27 reviews on Google and an average rating of 4.4 out of 5 stars, Dr. Kratom Botanicals gets a lot of reviews from buyers claiming they’re impressively informative and helpful when it comes to helping customers make a confident choice.

The main issue with the reviews is that there are quite a lot of comments from suppliers claiming that the owner of Dr. Kratom Botanicals has failed to pay for supplies as agreed. There’s also one distinct review on their Google Business Page claiming that the personnel at the store were less than accommodating and helpful.


Dr. Kratom Botanicals Product Line-Up

For the record, Dr. Kratom Botanicals doesn’t sell their products online. Instead, they just advertise their storefront through their website so people know they exist. All of their products are sold exclusively through their store, located in Moss Point, Mississippi.

They sell a whole range of CBD products from various other brands, taking the shape of an all-in-one emporium. Of course, to go with all of those CBD formulations, the brand also offers a bunch of different kinds of botanicals and herbs. Kratom, however, remains the centerpiece of their shop.

The brand claims to offer 70 different strains of kratom, all of which are offered on display on their shelves. Aside from their own powders, the shop also carries various other kratom products from well-known head shop brands like Zion Herbals.

It’s not entirely clear how much kratom they let their buyers purchase at a time, and whether they offer bulk packages. But while the photos on their website might be enticing, there are some reviews that claim the actual shop’s shelves looks a lot balder in person.

Maeng Da

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Red Bali

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Super Green Malay

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What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Dr. Kratom Botanicals doesn’t explicitly state on their website how much their products cost. Unfortunately, the feedback left behind about their products also don’t detail how much the brand charges for all the variety of kratom powders they offer. If we’re basing things off of trends alone however, we can assume that prices are slightly higher compared to brands that sell products online since head shops have been known to charge more than average.


Dr. Kratom Botanicals Coupon Code

Well, they’re a head shop. And since they don’t sell their products online either, you can expect to pay full price every time. On the upside, they’re not complete strangers to seasonal sales and clearance offers. The only problem is that you’d have to get the timing right if you want to get your hands on discounted goods since the brand doesn’t have any socials or mailing lists to help you stay updated on their latest promotional offers.


Dr. Kratom Botanicals Consumer Reputation

With what little information we can collect off of the 27 reviews left behind on their Google Business Page, one thing is clear — Dr. Kratom Botanicals might not be the most consistent when it comes to dealing with their buyers. While there are some reviews that claim they have the most helpful, most accommodating salespeople, there are others that claim the brand’s personnel left them without assistance for the duration of their visit.

Sadly, there isn’t enough information online to draw a conclusive decision on the brand’s reputation. What’s more, a bunch of reviews talking about how the brand left cheques to bounce and failed to make supply payments on time might negatively impact the way buyers perceive them all together.


Dr. Kratom Botanicals Vendor Review


Dr. Kratom Botanicals Customer Support

Again, what little feedback is available on Google states that the brand’s personnel can be pretty helpful and informative. But then again, there are a few who claim otherwise. Again, it’s a massive gray area so there’s really no way to draw a conclusion unless the brand finds a better way to collect reviews from actual buyers.


The Verdict on Dr. Kratom Botanicals

While they definitely offer a lot of kratom strains, there are still a number of kinks in the Dr. Kratom Botanicals story. With minimal presence online, a lack of an ecommerce front, and scant reviews, Dr. Kratom Botanicals doesn’t have quite the personality push to get discriminating buyers to give their stuff a shot.

Nonetheless, as one of the most prominent kratom vendors in their area, Dr. Kratom Botanicals enjoys relative popularity and sufficient support from buyers who just want to get their hands on kratom and a bunch of other herbal remedies.