ETHA Natural Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Implementing what they call a ‘hands-on’ approach to every aspect of the manufacturing process, ETHA Natural Botanicals gives it buyers a new way to enjoy kratom. Their convenient, ultra compact kratom tablets let you take powerful doses of kratom in easy-to-swallow form. This helps them reach buyers who might struggle with dose measurements and methods of kratom use that feel a little too clumsy.

Offering a range of choices, ETHA Natural Botanicals takes their selection to the next level by giving you kratom picks that serve specific needs. With blends like NightFall and MidDay Gold, you can be sure to find the perfect kratom product to suit your schedule and your needs.


ETHA Natural Botanicals Kratom Vendor


ETHA Natural Botanicals Review

While the whole ETHA Natural Botanicals website might be a dream to navigate with their clean lines, neat colors, and intuitive layouts, they don’t use a third-party software to verify the reviews that come in. That means that pretty much anyone can leave a positive review or two – even the guys at the ETHA Natural Botanicals office. So that might throw off a buyer who wants something a little more authentic.

Nonetheless, there are lots of independent reviewers out there that have posted blogs and reviews about the ETHA Natural Botanicals line-up. There are also a bunch of Reddit threads that talk about their products, giving buyers some pretty detailed insight into ETHA’s quality.


ETHA Natural Botanicals Product Line-Up

What’s nice about the ETHA Natural Botanicals line-up is that they provide you in-depth descriptions of what each product does. As of writing, they have around 13 tablet formulations, but their comprehensive explanations of what each one does makes it especially easy to choose the right blend for your needs.

Their line-up includes picks like Maeng-Da for mood and energy, SunRise for pain and vitality, MidDay Gold for focus and stress, Full Spectrum for hollistic support, SunSet for pain and tension, and MidNight Dream for deep sleep. They also offer NightFall for tension and rest, WorkOut for energy and focus, and Recovery for tension and inflammation.

These blends combine different kratom strains to achieve their intended effects, and some mix in other natural extracts and components like GABA to help emphasize results.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

The ETHA Natural Botanicals tablets are available in packs of 27, 100, 250, or 1,667 tablets. These cost $7.99, $29.99, $59.99, or $276 respectively. If you’re a long-time kratom user and you need a steady supply, the brand offers a subscription package that lets you spend less on your tablets while having them delivered straight to your doorstep on a repeating schedule. These packages let you save as much as 30% on kratom products of your choice, and eliminate the hassle of having to repurchase manually every so often.


ETHA Natural Botanicals Coupon Code

The first and easiest way to get a discount through ETHA Natural Botanicals would be to subscribe to their newsletter. The recurring emails give you access to exclusive discounts and promotional offers that can help you enjoy deep discounts on future purchases. Other than that, the brand also offers a loyalty program that lets you earn points for specific transactions and interactions.

These points can then be used to cut down the cost of your grand total. The brand highly incentives reviews by letting buyers earn as many as 200 points for every approved review left on their products.


ETHA Natural Botanicals Consumer Reputation

So, how does ETHA Natural Botanicals fair in terms of their reputation among buyers? In general, they’re pretty popular mainly because of the distinct and creative way they’ve thought up to make their products more attractive. Of course, there are always a few bad reviews here and there claiming that some blends don’t really work as advertised. But then again, it’s still a matter of how your body reacts to the specific formulation.


ETHA Natural Botanicals Customer Support

Being a prominent brand, ETHA has a robust customer support department that aims to provide buyers a stress-free buying experience. The brand provides prompt responses and timely assistance to make sure every patron and prospect is given all the information they need when they need it. The brand takes pride in their transparency, providing buyers full disclosure of everything necessary to make a confident purchase.


ETHA Natural Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review


The Bottom Line

ETHA Natural Botanicals is the go-to for buyers who need recurring stash replenishments and intuitive, adapted kratom blends. While their products might not work to a tee one hundred percent of the time, ETHA Naturals still makes it easier for buyers to choose the perfect blend to really suit their needs and preferences.

Although some of their products might seem a little pricey, it’s worth remembering that ETHA Natural Botanicals provides subscription packages that can help you save on your kratom fix over the long haul. And because they’re no strangers to the occasional promotional offer every now and again, the brand makes sure buyers don’t have to spend more than they’re comfortable shelling out.


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