Garuda Kratom Vendor Review

Garuda Kratom – sold through Hudson Valley Botanicals – is a small sized kratom enterprise that focused on providing buyers what they call the best kratom at just the right prices. The brand offers both kratom and CBD products for buyers who want to stock up on all-natural wellness remedies.

Based in Dutchess County, New York, Garuda Kratom closely competes with a number of other well-known kratom vendors in the area. With that, it comes as no surprise that the small venture has yet to pierce through the collective consciousness of the market in the vicinity. That doesn’t mean they aren’t trying though.


Garuda Kratom Vendor Review


Garuda Kratom Review

Key in the words ‘Garuda Kratom’ into your search engine and you’ll find that they aren’t that popular. A few reviews here and there reveal that the Garuda Kratom products are sold through Hudson Valley Botanicals – a vendor name which buyers use interchangeably with Garuda Kratom.

Garuda Kratom Product Line-Up

As of writing, Hudson Valley Botanicals has 33 kratom products on their shelves, including a few CBD choices. They don’t offer anything other than kratom powder though, so if you’re looking for capsules, oils, or concentrates, you’d be better off looking elsewhere.

Of their 33 kratom varieites, they offer many of the familiar favorites that you might have used or at least encountered in the past. These include White Bali, Green Ketapang, and Red Bentanguie. For those who want to expand their horizons and try something new, there’s Wild White, Red Sunda, and Red Banjar.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Garuda Kratom powders are offered in sizes of 28g, 250g, 500g, and 1000g. Regular prices for the products are $8.5, $36, $59, and $83 respectively. They also typically offer some of their products on sale, bringing the prices down as low as $5.5 for 28g or $73 for a kilo of the powder, which is definitely below market value.

Garuda Kratom Coupon Code

Despite being a relatively small enterprise, Garuda Kratom does what it can to offer its buyers fair prices and purchase perks to help sweeten the deal. For first responders and military personnel, the brand provides a 5% discount once you send over documentation or proof.

Other than that, the brand also regularly sends out freebies with many of their packages. For instance, some kratom vein powders will be shipped together with a free vial of CBD oil. Keep in mind though that they don’t have a newsletter or anything like that, and most information about freebies and sales are posted directly on their home page. So if you were looking to get a discount on your next order, it would be wise to check back on their website for updates.

Garuda Kratom Consumer Reputation

There are quite a few Reddit threads out there that talk about Garuda kratom, but not a lot of them really shed light on the actual quality of the product that the brand offers. Of course, there are a few that go out to say that Garuda Kratom is their go-to for kratom powders, but it seems there isn’t enough information online to really draw a conclusion about what people think about the brand’s products.

On the upside, there aren’t a lot of bad reviews either. In fact, you’d come up with pretty much nothing if you ever tried to look for crud on the Garuda Kratom brand. And because we know how eager a disgruntled buyer usually is to leave evidence of their poor experience, the lack of bad reviews tells you that Garuda Kratom probably hasn’t disappointed too many consumers up to present.


Garuda Kratom Vendor


Garuda Kratom Customer Service

One thing about Garuda Kratom is that they won’t accept refunds unless the seller sent out the wrong product. And let’s admit, that kind of sucks. So if in case their powders fall short of your expectations, you really can’t reach out to them in the hope of getting a replacement or a refund.

Despite that though, Garuda Kratom’s personnel are relatively responsive when it comes to buyer inquiries and concerns. So if you need a little assistance during the buying process, they should be able to provide you some prompt guidance to help you come to a decision about your purchase. Buyers can reach them through their their Gmail, their hotline for both US and EU residents, or by visiting their office address.

The Bottom Line

Hudson Valley Botanicals provides a range of powders and intuitive ways to help buyers save up on their purchase. Their low prices and even more impressive sale offers attract consumers left and right, giving buyers the opportunity to spend less while getting more.

But with the lack of consumer reviews and their refusal to offer refunds for reasons other than shipping out the wrong product, it’s hard to feel completely confident when you decide to make that purchase. Nonetheless, if you were hoping to try something new, then the rarities on the Garuda Kratom line-up might be for you.


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