Gold Leaf Botanicals Vendor Review

Kratom has been available on the US market for decades, but its popularity continues to soar. And with ever increasing demand for the alleged pain-relieving herbal remedy, more and more budding business owners are mustering the strength to take those first few steps into the market and try their hand at selling kratom. That’s why as kratom continues to increase in demand, so too do vendors increase in numbers.

Gold Leaf Botanicals is yet another kratom vendor newbie that’s hoping to get the ever-growing kratom market’s attention. Taking a different angle from typical kratom brands, this company claims to offer ‘wild harvested kratom’ that they believe provides more potent benefits than any other option.


Gold Leaf Botanicals Vendor


Reviews for Gold Leaf Botanicals

Since they’re pretty new to the market, Gold Leaf Botanicals doesn’t exactly have a lot of information online just yet. Their website — although chocked full of informational articles and About Us copy — doesn’t really provide much insight as to what buyers actually think about their stuff.

Their website has a little widget at the end of every product page that lets you leave feedback, but there’s no filter that prevents non-buyers from submitting a review. That said, if you do manage to stumble on reviews through their site (which are scarce at best), there’s no telling whether they were left behind by buyers or by Frank from Gold Leaf Botanicals HQ.

Another thing is that their Facebook account doesn’t have a lot of information. With just 22 likes on their one-year old Page, it seems that the brand is struggling to capture the attention of the already preoccupied kratom netizenship.

And then finally, there’s Reddit. Unfortunately for the company, Reddit threads seem to completely overlook the Gold Leaf Botanicals name, but that could just be a wording issue. Since ‘gold leaf’ and ‘botanicals’ are often used together in a variety of statements pertaining to kratom in general, it’s hard to zero in on any threads that actually talk about the brand and not the distinct kratom color vein.


The Gold Leaf Botanicals Product Line-Up

According to the brand, their kratom products are ‘wild harvested’ which is actually their main selling point. What this means is that their kratom leaves are taken from open areas where the plant grows freely, as opposed to farms and facilities where cultivators might employ certain techniques to produce bigger, more potent, and faster-sprouting leaves.

There presently aren’t any studies that prove that ‘wild harvested’ kratom is better than those cultivated in farms. But since all-natural products tend to do better among buyers, it’s easy to see why Gold Leaf Botanicals has decided to stick with their narrative.

The brand makes it easy for buyers to get their hands on kratom products that meet their specific needs and preferences by categorizing their offers into color coded categories. These include Red, Green, Yellow, White, and Gold.

Of course, they also carry all the different strains you would expect, including Maeng Da, Borneo, Bali, Malay, Indo, Hulu, Bentuangie, Elephant, Ketapang, Riau, and Sumatra. Packet weights start at 6g and increase to 1oz, 100g, 200g, 300g, 500g, and 1kg. For buyers who aren’t too sure about what they want, Gold Leaf Botanicals sells samplers to help you choose the perfect strain and color vein.

One major issue you’ll notice with the Gold Leaf Botanicals product line is that they don’t sell capsules. All of their kratom products are available as powders only, which might be a major drawback if you prefer the an easy capsule dose.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Gold Leaf Botanicals Pricing and Coupon Codes

Just to be clear, Gold Leaf Botanicals isn’t trying to be the cheapest kratom vendor on the block, but neither are they posing as a premium brand with steep prices. Their products are very reasonably priced, falling right within the range of your average kratom cost.

All of their powders are the same price across the board regardless of strain or color vein. Their 6g packets sell for just $2.87, while their kilograms go for $125.87. Sample packs come in 3oz (three strains at 1oz each) or 5oz (five strains at 1oz each) and retail for $17 and $33.87 respectively.

If you’re more interested in something that’s a little more potent, you can try their Limited Edition Super-Fine Kratom powder that’s said to be slightly stronger than their regular strains. These powders sell for $125.87 per kilogram.

Bargain hunters might not be too pleased to find out that Gold Leaf Botanicals isn’t too big on introductory discounts and price cuts. Nonetheless, they do have a mailing list that lets you get the latest updates on their upcoming sales and promotional offers.


The Verdict on Gold Leaf Botanicals

Sure, there isn’t really a lot of information about Gold Leaf Botanicals online. And there might not be too many reviews to go on. But with their quality kratom products that are backed by lab reports, they might just be a worthy choice. Keep in mind though that their stuff might not be the cheapest you’ll find. But even then, their wide stretch of strains and veins might make up for it.