Greg’s Botanical Vendor Review

There’s something that makes every vendor special. Others bank on their ultra rare kratom strains, while others rely on the artisan quality of their products. Then there are some that rake in their consumers by way of a diverse selection of products that appeals to buyers looking to try something new. And then there’s Greg.

Greg is your friendly neighborhood kratom guy who’s just always ready with stocks of product to satisfy your every whim and desire. Having opened shop a few years back, the guy behind Greg’s Botanical offers a wide selection of kratom products that include other picks from multiple brands on the market.


Greg’s Botanical Review

Greg’s Botanical’s website might not look like a polished kratom vendor at a glance, but the internet seems to think otherwise. Reviews about Greg’s Botanical are available left and right, leading many first time buyers to believe that the brand offers some of the best quality herb around — and they’re not exactly wrong.

Reviews for Greg’s Botanical are mainly available on Reddit, where members of the cut-throat online community enthusiastically share their experiences with the veteran vendor. What they really like about Greg is that they offer quality kratom that’s fairly priced, although they don’t seem to care much about the availability of lab reports.

On the downside, there have been a few critical reviews about Greg’s Botanical and their stuff. One patron shared their experiences with the brand’s packaging which inadvertently created a massive mess in their kitchen. He pointed out that the brand could definitely upgrade their packaging, but was met with opposition.

The OP believes that good ol’ Greg himself was the masked user posing as a concerned netizen, poised to defend the vendor. In the end, there was never any confirmation that Greg was actually behind the post, but the potentially argumentative persona definitely didn’t do too well for his reputation.


Greg’s Botanical Product Line-Up

Greg’s Botanical has a lot of stuff on their website, and by that we mean a whole lot. That’s also because they carry quite a lot of products from other brands including Choice Botanicals, K-Shot, and Chief Kratom. But even with the availability of all of these formulations right within reach, Greg’s own stuff remain to be their bestselling products.

The availability of their kratom strains depends on the current shipment. According to some Redditors, Greg accepts shipments in tons, but there’s really no guarantee that that’s how much he stocks up. According to their website, some of their strains include:

They also carry the same strains in the form of capsules. For those looking to give their powders a try, Greg sells each strain in packets of 1oz, 250g, 500g, 1kg, and 2kg. Sample packs are available at 30g each. On the other hand, kratom capsules are strictly sold in bulk, either in bags of 500 pieces or bags of 1000 pieces.

It’s worth mentioning that Greg doesn’t provide lab reports for any of their products. So while they might claim that they sell the best kratom in town, they don’t have any paperwork to prove it. That also means you won’t have any guarantee that their products are as pure or as safe as they’re made out to be.


Greg’s Botanical Pricing and Coupon Codes

If there’s one other thing that has really contributed to Greg’s Botanical’s cult success, it’s their prices. The brand sells their 1oz packets for just $5. Interestingly, their 30g sampler packs sell for the same price. If you’re looking to stock up for the long haul, a whole kilogram sells for just $75 while their whopping 2kg bag goes for just $140. Talk about a bargain.

For those who like the convenient of kratom capsules, the brand sells 500 count packs for just $54.99, and their 1000 count bags for a measly $99.99. And while those prices might have your eyes popping out of their sockets, it’s also important to note that Greg isn’t too big on discounts.

The brand already offers their products at extremely discounted prices on the regular, so they’re not too keen on making any extra price cuts. Free shipping vouchers are made available every now and again, so you won’t always be able to shave off the extra fee. They also don’t let you claim any coupons on products that are already on sale.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


The Verdict on Greg’s Botanical

Good ol’ Greg knows exactly what you need. Their wide selection, impressive product quality, and their dedication to keeping things just within reach of every kind of budget make them the perfect go-to for the bargain-hunting kratom head. Of course, there have been some bad reviews here and there, and they might not be able to support their products with proper documentation. But if you want cheap kratom that’s great all around, then a trip to Greg’s Botanical might be in order.