Happy Hippo Herbals Kratom Vendor Review – Debatable at Best

A quick look at the Happy Hippo Herbals website might have your mind reeling with questions. As though totally disregarding the importance of good branding, the vendor’s website looks like a complete trainwreck. And although that might deter a few, it’s definitely not enough to keep the majority away.

Despite their strange appearances, Happy Hippo has managed to snag the patronage of a wide base of consumers. But still, there’s quite a lot of debate going on about whether or not their product is actually worth the prices that they put down.

Reviews About Happy Hippo Herbals

There’s quite a bit of information about the brand on their website. Their About Us page details how they were operating out of a basement just three years ago. Today, it seems they’ve upgraded to their own office, warehouse, and lab which they proudly tout as AKA-certified.

While all of that might be well and good, it’s still pretty tough to take your eyes off of the website. After all, if they had the budget to upgrade their facilities, you’d think they would also have the funds to step up their online reputation. Sure, appearances don’t really play too much of a role in product quality. But you can’t deny how important first impressions are.

Needless to say, Redditors have been quick to point out the vendor’s odd choice of website design. But even then, many asserts that the Happy Hippo website is a minor flaw when you consider their ‘high quality’ product.

There are lots of buyers who claim that Happy Hippo sells some of the best stuff on the market these days. And although that might be true to some extent, lots of veterans believe that their steep prices might make them an impractical choice.

What Do They Offer?

What’s interesting about Happy Hippo’s line up is that they sort everything by the kind of effects they produce. So, you’ll find products neatly organized under labels like ‘slow’, ‘moderate’, and ‘fast’ kratom. They also sell capsules and alternative herbs for those who might want to try other natural remedies alongside their kratom picks.

One annoying aspect of their product list however is that they completely change the names for all of their kratom strains. So instead of being able to find your usual picks like Maeng Da or Bali, you’re going to have to spend some time decoding what they hell they mean with names like ‘Snuggie Hippo’, ‘Fire Hippo’, and ‘Chill Hippo.’

Annoying nicknames aside, the Happy Hippo vendor offers the following strains:

Under their ‘newbies’ tab, you’ll find kratom starter and sampler packs, as well as other accessories like weighing scales and kratom scoops that first timers might need to get started on their new natural medicine practice.

Their powders come in packs of 1oz, 4oz, 8oz, 500g, or 1kg. If you’re interested in capsules, they carry just a select number of strains in capsule form. And they also don’t have a lot of options in terms of weight, with all of their capsules sold strictly in packs of 100 count.

How Much Will It Cost?

Unfortunately, Happy Hippo’s stuff isn’t cheap. Despite their website exuding some major budget-friendly vibes, the vendor actually sells their product for over double or even triple the price that others do.

Their strains tend to vary in price, but they do average around $13 to $15 per ounce. Their kilograms sell for at least $260 each which is majorly expensive compared to all of other vendors out there. Remember, some of the hottest brands in the kratom business sell their powders for around $60 to $70 per kilo, which is the industry low.

Paying $210 for a kilogram of kratom powder means spending three or four times the price that you would pay for other vendors that sell good quality kratom at lower prices.

On the upside, there are a few ways to save. The vendor has a sale tab that brings you all of their discounted products for easy browsing. They also scratch out shipping fees for orders exceeding $100 for FedEx or $150 for USPS.

The Verdict on Happy Hippo Herbals

Although there are a lot of buyers who claim that this kratom vendor sells quality stuff, there’s no denying that you could potentially get equally potent herb at just a fraction of the price. There are tons of other vendors out there that sell excellent kratom for much less, so there’s really nothing special about Happy Hippo Herbals when you take everything into consideration.

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