Herb Research Kratom Vendor Review

If you were hoping to get your hands on quality kratom from a reputable brand with a history and background you could read online, then Herb Research Kratom isn’t the brand for you. Perhaps the epitome of a shady kratom vendor, Herb Research Kratom is an enigmatic entity with almost zero reliable information online.

Whether it’s the result of their curious name or simply the fact that they’re not really well-known, Googling the Herb Research Kratom name brings up absolute zilch about the brand itself. And with little to no information about the vendor online, there are countless questions surrounding their products and their credibility.


Herb Research Kratom Review

With a name like ‘Herb Research Kratom’, it’s expected that Google will come up with a bunch of irrelevant results. Punch those words in together and Google will come back at you with a number of journals, research papers, and news articles that don’t talk about the brand at all. In fact, even keying the words into Reddit turns up zero results. That said, it’s tough to get an idea what buyers have to say about the brand especially since there aren’t a lot of buyer generated reviews about them online.


Herb Research Kratom Vendor


Herb Research Kratom Product Line-Up

Visit the Herb Research website at HerbResearch.com and you’ll find their products just sprawled across their home page. Unlike other brands that try to reel in their buyers with fancy website marketing ploys, the Herb Research Kratom brand does away with all the bells and whistles, giving their buyers unadulterated, underdeveloped 90’s website vibes.

Their range of products includes various ethnobotanicals including mitragyna speciosa. They offer several strains, including a few interesting choices that you might not have heard of before:

Each of their strains are offered in weights of 25g, 250g, or 1kg. Unfortunately, the brand doesn’t have lab reports or certificates of analysis for any of their products. So if you’re one of the more discriminating buyers out there, that might be a huge red flag.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

That’s another thing about Herb Research. The vendor requires that you sign in to view their prices. But when you navigate to the Log In page, you’ll find that there’s no option to sign up as a member. It seems that the brand’s patrons already know of their unspoken sign up process, which might entail having to reach out to the brand through their contact page.

Another reason why their prices remain unknown is because you can’t find any reviews or information about the brand online. With that, there’s really no way to tell how much they charge for their products unless you reach out and ask how you can sign up to become a member on their site.


Herb Research Kratom Coupon Code

Give their website a good look and you’ll find that there’s barely anything there that indicates the potential for a coupon code or a discount offer. The website is absolutely bare and bland — no newsletter sign up, no promo page, no sale items category. In fact, the website only has about three different pages, completely void of any information about the brand itself.

Unfortunately, the brand’s name also makes it tough to come up with any useful results on Google. Buyers who are more interested in vendors that come up with fun gimmicks to retain loyalty might be better off checking out other sellers within the kratom sphere.


Herb Research Kratom Consumer Reputation

And here we run into yet another dead end for the Herb Research brand. There seems to be no sign of them online, and there aren’t any reviews about their products even on forums like Reddit either. A search on Facebook shows that they don’t have their own page, and neither are they present on other popular platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

It helps to keep in mind that a kratom vendor’s reputation is often one of the ways that they maintain a presence amid competition. If they’re not excited and eager to share all the positive reviews that buyers have to say about them, then they might not be getting a lot of share-worthy feedback in the first place.


Herb Research Kratom Vendor Review


Herb Research Kratom Customer Support

Herb Research provides a single method for buyers to reach out and that’s through their contact form. Based on the website, it seems that their contact form is also the only way that you can ask about membership. Remember — non-members of the Herb Research Kratom website can’t make a transaction since prices and product details are only available to registered buyers.


The Verdict on Herb Research Kratom

The fact that there isn’t a lot to go on raises a bunch of red flags for the Herb Research Kratom brand. With no lab certificates, no social media presence, no information about the brand, and no way for prospects to learn more about the people behind the vendor, the Herb Research Kratom product line-up turns out to be a major risk for diligent, responsible buyers who only want the best for every dollar they spend.