Jackson’s Kratom Vendor Review

Jackson’s Kratom is a well-established vendor with several years of kratom retailing under its belt. Having been around since before 2013, this brand is perhaps one of the oldest kratom sellers on the market, offering a modest line-up that includes all your familiar favorites and then some.

Although every kratom vendor likes to brag about their prices, Jackson’s Kratom takes it a step further by saying they sell their retail kratom at wholesale prices. And because they’ve been on the market for a while, it’s easy to see how they’ve come to amass such a large following.


Jackson’s Kratom Vendor


Jackson’s Kratom Review

Don’t let their website fool you. While they might not have such a trendy aesthetic to their cyber nook, Jackson’s Kratom has earned quite the reputation throughout the market. Interestingly however, the brand doesn’t have a lot of consumer generated reviews especially since their website doesn’t offer a feature that lets buyers leave their comments after making a purchase. That said, the best place to find reviews for Jackson’s Kratom would be through Reddit.


Jackson’s Kratom Product Line-Up

Jackson’s Kratom divides their selection into three main categories – capsules, crushed leaf, and powder. They also offer a wholesale section for buyers who are looking to source ultra cheap bulk powder for personal use or for using as product for their own brand. They also offer a small selection of kratom accessories like empty capsules, and capsule making machine, among a few others.

Their powders are subdivided into two groups, which are ultra fine and capsule-ready. The strain selection however remains similar between the two options. This includes Maeng Da, Thai, Green Malay, Elephant, Red Vein Borneo, and stem and vein.

These choices are pretty much the same ones that they offer under their capsules and crushed leaf section, so you might say that they don’t really have such an extensive line-up compared to many other vendors available.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

“Retail kratom at wholesale prices” is the Jackson’s Kratom motto. But even then, it seems that the brand falls short of their claim. Packages for their powders start at sizes of 2 ounces, which retail for $36.95 for ultra fine and $31.95 for capsule ready powder.

Compared with prices from other brands, it’s easy to see that they’re not exactly selling at wholesale for retail packages, since there are other brands that can offer the same size for much less. In fact, it seems that Jackson’s Kratom’s prices breach the limit for kratom powders, pushing the upper ceiling of the price range.

Their powders are available in package sizes of 2oz, 5oz, 10oz, and 1kg. Their biggest bags retail for a whopping $299.95 for capsule ready powder and up to $349.95 for ultra fine powder, which is definitely up there when you consider the fact that most other vendors can sell the same amount for just under $90.

On the other hand, their capsules seem to be far more fairly priced with 500ct bottles selling for $18.95, 100ct bottles for $30.95, and 400ct bottles for $79.95. Crushed leaf kratom costs $22.95 for 2oz, $45.95 for 5oz, and $91.95 for 10oz.

And while they also have a Wholesale tab for buyers interested in bulk packages, the prices are pretty much the same. The largest offer they have for their powders rests at just 1kg, and the price remains unchanged at $299.95 or $349.95, depending on your strain of choice.


Jackson’s Kratom Coupon Code

To make up for their outrageous prices, Jackson’s Kratom offers free shipping on all orders which means their shipping fees are baked right into the price of their products, which could explain in part why they’re so expensive.

Other than that, Jackson’s Kratom has a newsletter that they use to send out discount vouchers and promotional offers to buyers who subscribe. According to some sources, they also send out the occasional discount offer or freebie with purchases that meet certain criteria.


Jackson’s Kratom Consumer Reputation

Well, there’s nothing wrong with Jackson’s Kratom products per se, but the issue lies in the absolute lack of variety and the insane prices that they slap on their products. Most buyers on Reddit threads have said that while the quality of the kratom isn’t in question, the bland selection is the major reason why they end up looking elsewhere for their kratom needs. That, and the fact that you can find similar kratom for much less through other vendors.


Jackson’s Kratom Vendor Review


Jackson’s Kratom Customer Support

Visit their website and the first thing you’ll see is a giant banner with their hotline on display. If anything, Jackson’s Kratom is pretty quick to respond to queries, keeping most of their contact channels open so they can cater to buyers and prospects by offering prompt support and assistance.

Other than their hotline, Jackson’s Kratom lets interested parties reach out to them through their Contact Form, their Facebook page, or their Twitter which are all available through their Contact Us page.


The Verdict on Jackson’s Kratom

While they might not offer the cheapest prices or the widest range of kratom products, Jackson’s Kratom makes up for it with reasonable kratom quality and consistent powder effects. On the other hand, if you’re interested in more variety and lower cost, then Jackson’s Kratom might be a little lacking.


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