KonoLabs Kratom Vendor Review

Not all buyers have the same standards when it comes to choosing an appropriate vendor. Some feel more comfortable dealing with a brand that banks on personality and aesthetic. Others tend to lean more towards kratom vendors that go for that off-beat, indie vibe. Then there are those who prefer purchasing their stuff from brands that take a more professional, scientific approach. Enter KonoLabs.

This kratom vendor draws in buyers with their polished approach to kratom vending. With supreme emphasis on authenticity and lab reports, KonoLabs makes it possible for buyers to feel more confident when making a purchase. But alas, the brand remains a head shop brand. And with the kind of reputation these sellers have, it pays to ask — are they worth it?


KonoLabs Kratom Vendor Review


KonoLabs Kratom Review

While the KonoLabs website definitely tries to go for that professional, science, medical lab look, minor flaws here and there take away from the site’s overall impact, letting buyers see through the vendor’s branding cracks. Interestingly enough, the brand also doesn’t have a lot of reviews about their products online.

Google the brand’s name and you won’t actually find any information about them. That could also be because they share a name with an email scheduling assistant. But the curiosity extends into Reddit — home of thousands of discussions about hundreds of kratom brands. Since the best (and the worst) kratom vendors almost always pop up on Reddit, it’s peculiar to see that KonoLabs doesn’t exist in any of their threads.


KonoLabs Product Line-Up

Perhaps the worst section of the KonoLabs website is their product page. The poor alignments and just make it confusing to browse through their selection. It’s also worth mentioning that because they only sell to resellers, buyers can’t purchase directly from their website.

Fortunately, they don’t really have a lot of products on their line-up anyway. Their powder varieties include Green Borneo, Green Malay, Green Maeng Da, Red Bali, Green Indo, Red Maeng Da, and Yellow Indo. Products are available either as powders (100g, 225g, and 500g) or capsules (60ct, 120ct, 250ct, and 500ct.)

One thing that might seem curious however is that the brand doesn’t offer any white varieties on their line-up. This can severely limit the selection especially for people who want a more upbeat experience when using kratom.

Another interesting thing about their products is that they’re one of the few (if not the only) kratom brand that lets buyers check their products for authenticity. They have a page on their website that describes what an authentic KonoLabs product should look like, preventing buyers from buying dupes that might only be masquerading as the real deal.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Again, KonoLabs doesn’t sell directly to end-users. Their target market is composed of head shops and emporiums that offer a selection of products from various suppliers and brands. That said, there’s no way to purchase their products through their website if you’re interested in getting the stuff for personal use.

Nonetheless, their powder prices are as follows:

  • 100g for $17.99
  • 225g for $37.99
  • 500g for $65.99

Those interested in capsules can purchase the KonoLabs capsule line for the following prices:

  • 60ct for $11.49
  • 120ct for $19.99
  • 250ct for $37.99
  • 500ct for $67.99

Prices posted on their website are suggested retail prices, which means that resellers can get them for much lower prices than those indicated. Another thing to note is that their products vary slightly in pricing depending on the strain.


KonoLabs Coupon Code

As a wholesale vendor that’s aimed mainly at resellers like head shops, KonoLabs doesn’t offer coupon codes or vouchers. But since buyers directly communicate with the brand about orders, we can assume that you could potentially ask for a discount especially if you’re buying a larger bulk of products for your store.


KonoLabs Consumer Reputation

Perhaps the biggest drawback of buying from KonoLabs is the sheer lack of consumer feedback. With zero consumer generated content about their products, it’s impossible to tell whether their products actually live up to standards. Sure, they’ve got lab reports available for viewing.

But the deafening silence about their brand might be a red flag for buyers who tend to trust more fully when there are others who provide an idea about what to expect. On the up side, there aren’t any negative reviews about the brand either. With that in mind, it’s really a 50-50 chance you take if and when you decide to purchase their stuff.


KonoLabs Kratom Vendor


KonoLabs Customer Support

KonoLabs doesn’t have too much of a social media presence, so reaching out to them through Facebook is out the window. Instead, they have a contact page where buyers can also reach out to them to ask about their products and wholesale prices.

Keep in mind though that KonoLabs doesn’t really deal with retail buyers. That means if you decide to try their stuff through your local vape shop and you feel like it doesn’t live up to expectations, you can’t really expect KonoLabs to step up and answer for it.


The Verdict on KonoLabs

That initial science-esque aura might fool you at the get-go, but it’s pretty easy to see through the KonoLabs marketing ploy. The brand offers a so-so range of products, and their prices might not be exceptionally sky-high, but the absolute silence about their products online might just be a huge red flag.

Dealing only with wholesale buyers who intend to resell their stuff, KonoLabs washes its hands of any accountability for what happens on the retail landscape. Nonetheless, since their stuff is lab tested, they might be the lesser evil if you ever find yourself having to buy from your local head shop.