Kratom Alliance Vendor Review

Pay a visit to the Kratom Alliance website and you’ll see all the markers of a humble start-up — misaligned text boxes, poor layouting, and run-on sentences everywhere. But hey, the relationship between a kratom vendor’s website and the quality of their product isn’t always directly proportional.

Despite its website looking like it was fashioned by a 13 year old, Kratom Alliance seems to have established itself as something of a contender in the kratom market. With reviews that date as far back as 2013, their longevity is proof that they provide buyers reason to keep patronizing their product.


Kratom Alliance Review

One of the reasons why Kratom Alliance has managed to stick it out this long despite falling way behind in terms of the latest marketing techniques is because of how far back they were established. The brand has been around since 2013 (or earlier), and they somehow monopolized the market way back when.

That’s why you might be able to find some good reviews about their product and prices dated six or seven years ago. But those things change. With newer kratom vendors on the scene, it seems that the general consensus on Kratom Alliance has shifted.

Today, buyers tend to see their products as overpriced compared to many other brands that sell better quality kratom for much less. There have also been complaints of Kratom Alliance sending out bomb kratom if you’re buying samples, then totally missing the target the moment you order in bulk.


Kratom Alliance Vendor


Kratom Alliance Product Line-Up

There are roughly 20 different kratom powders on the Kratom Alliance website, and all of them are what the brand calls ‘nano kratom.’ They achieve this through a proprietary process that finely grinds the kratom to turn it into ultra-fine nano particles. The resulting powder is said to be more readily absorbed into the system, but that doesn’t seem to be backed by research.

Their strains include many of the varieties you probably already know, including:

Other than that, they also offer a few rarities, like Papua Green Maeng Da and Special Boeta Green Fine Powder which seems to be a first throughout the kratom market. Package sizes are available in 250g, 500g, or 1000g.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Prices for their kratom powders vary depending on the rarity and quality of the strain. Most of their kratom powders however come with the following prices:

  • $46.95 for 250g
  • $80.95 for 500g
  • $150 for 1000g

Their most expensive strain is their Special Boeta that retails for $50.95 for 250g. Although their prices might seem reasonable, it’s worth mentioning that some premier brands can offer their kilogram packages for just under $100, which places the Kratom Alliance product line-up at a slightly higher price point than average.


Kratom Alliance Coupon Code

The Kratom Alliance brand has a rewards program for their members, but not like the one’s that you’re used to seeing. Points can’t be accumulated and are instead deducted from your purchase instantly.

The discounts depend on the amount of product you buy, so if for example you decide to purchase a kilogram of product worth $150, you get an instant $10 deduction bringing your total to just $140. The brand doesn’t require that you key in a discount code and automatically makes the deduction during checkout.

If you’re interested in getting free shipping on your orders, the brand cuts out the fee if you decide to purchase $99 worth of products or over. And since they don’t have a newsletter, your best chance at getting a discount would be to wait for their seasonal sales and discount offers.


Kratom Alliance Consumer Reputation

So, what are people saying about Kratom Alliance? Way back when, the brand offered reasonable prices and quality product that helped them stay ahead of the game — but that comes from reviews from seven years ago.

More recent feedback asserts that Kratom Alliance’s quality has changed drastically over time. Not only are their products more expensive these days, but some buyers also claim that they only send out good stuff when you buy samples. Once they have you hooked on their samples and you choose to repurchase bigger packs, the brand then goes and sends less potent powder in bulk.


Kratom Alliance Customer Support

Another area where Kratom Alliance falls short is with their customer support. The brand isn’t quick to respond to concerns and neither are they too helpful when providing answers to questions about their products.

Response rate considered, it’s possible that the brand struggles to provide timely replies because their single contact channel remains backed up with messages. Nonetheless, if you have any concerns, you can reach out to the brand through their Contact Form which is the only avenue they provide for buyers looking to get in touch.


Kratom Alliance Vendor Review


The Verdict on Kratom Alliance

Kratom Alliance has an interesting selection of kratom powders under their belt. With choices like Special Boeta, the brand draws in customers with their outlandish picks you’re not likely to find anywhere else.

And although their nano powders might be particularly enticing, the fact that they price their products a little steeper than premier brands can be a major turn off for some buyers. Factor in the number of negative reviews they’ve accumulated in the past, and it’s easy to see how some consumers might feel disenchanted about making a purchase.