Kratom Barrel Vendor Review

Known throughout the locality of Nashville as one of the best places to get a kratom fix, the Kratom Barrel is a popular head shop that sells everything from CBD, to vape essentials, kratom, ethnobotanicals, and more. Their impressive range of products poises the vendor as one of the best spots to get all of your wellness needs under one roof.

But alas, as with any other head shop, Kratom Barrel isn’t exactly what you would call a premier kratom source. While their kratom might definitely give you the kick you’re looking for, their stuff still can’t compete with premium kratom brands that live for quality.


Kratom Barrel Vendor Review


Kratom Barrel Reviews

Kratom Barrel is a quaint little shop in Nashville with a local following that speaks highly of their products. Although they used to have a website where you could orther their stuff online, the Kratom Barrel brand has since closed down their site, which means the only way to get your hands on their products would be to buy directly from their physical store.

Based on the information posted on their Facebook page, it seems Kratom Barrel sells a sundry of botanicals, with kratom taking center stage. But unlike other head shops, Kratom Barrel sells kilos as well, with their sale prices dialing down to $100 per kilogram.

Reviews about the brand are all pretty much the same: that they provide lots of information to help their buyers make the right decision. But of course, while their personnel might be a dream to deal with, there aren’t really too many reviews about the quality of their product.


Buying Kratom Online vs In Store

There are lots of sources of kratom these days, and the extensive availability might make it tough to figure out where you should buy your stash. The biggest of all considerations you might have to make will involve whether to buy your kratom online or locally.

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Pros and Cons of Buying Online

There are obvious benefits to buying online, including convenience, a wider selection, and rewards and discount codes. However, it’s equally important to consider the risks of buying kratom online.

The number of dodgy, unscrupulous buyers out there significantly outnumbers reputable kratom sources. Fortunately, you can always check for AKA and GMP compliance to find out whether you’re dealing with a suitable online kratom vendor.

Another obvious downside of buying online is the waiting. No one really wants to wait several days before they get their shipment. And if you want your package to arrive faster, you’re going to have to pay extra.


Kratom Barrel Vendor


Pros and Cons of Buying Locally

There’s just something about being able to touch, see, and smell a product before buying it that makes a person feel more confident in their decision. Some other benefits of buying locally include instant gratification, better sales support, and easier returns (if they allow it.)

Then again, there are some equally unpleasant downsides. For starters, local stores rarely have as extensive a selection as you would find online. It’s also rare that you’ll find less common strains through brick-and-mortar vendors.

Another thing is that prices tend to be higher when you’re buying locally. That’s because physical stores have to factor in their operating expenses, including rent, electricity, and other bills which they offset by increasing product prices.


The Verdict on Kratom Barrel

Although there are a lot of reviews on their Facebook page that talk about great customer service and informative staff, there still isn’t enough information on the quality of the products they offer. And because Kratom Barrel doesn’t have any lab results to go with their kratom, you might want to consider shopping around before you make that decision.