Kratom Bloom Vendor Review

With the high demand for kratom products, more and more people are getting the guts to try their hand at selling the stuff. That’s also because more Southeast Asian kratom cultivators are finding ways to ship their products into the United States, effectively lowering the prices for the raw herb and giving more people access to authentic, quality product.

Kratom Bloom is relatively new to the market, but hopes to take their slice of the kratom cake nonetheless. Their substantial selection and seemingly satisfying product quality have given more and more people the guts to give them a try despite the lack of identity. But do they actually deliver what they promise? Find out here.


Kratom Bloom Vendor


Reviews About Kratom Bloom

They say that the best place to find actual, authentic reviews about a kratom brand would be none other than Reddit. Unfortunately, reviews about Kratom Bloom are scarce on the website which is also because the brand’s name makes it tough to find any content that’s actually about them. In fact, a quick Google search will show you that keying in ‘Kratom Bloom’ delivers mostly cultivation-related results.

Nonetheless, there are quite a number of reviews about them on their website, many of which provide nothing but five-star feedback. And while some of them might be impressively detailed, you can’t help but wonder whether they’re entirely legitimate since anyone can leave a review on their website without even having to sign in.

Another place to find reviews for Kratom Bloom would be Facebook. The brand has their own page which was set up late in 2020. As of writing, there’s only one review on their Facebook page, detailing the quality of the brand’s red and green strains. Other than that however, it’s tough to really find any consumer-generated content about Kratom Bloom.


The Kratom Bloom Product Line-Up

Scanning the Kratom Bloom website has to be one of the most relaxing, stress-free experiences you’ll ever encounter while shopping for kratom. The brand’s simplified shop navigation makes it easy to find everything you need without having to scan too far. All of their choices are neatly arranged by vein color, with each category showcasing the unique strains available per color.

Presently, Kratom Bloom offers just powders and capsules. But even then, they’ve got a pretty extensive selection available to their buyers. Maeng Da, Bali, Borneo, Malay, Thai, and Sumatra are all on-hand in Green, Red, or White vein variants. Capsules are sold in the same varieties.

In terms of bag sizes, the Kratom Bloom brand only offers their powders in pouch sizes 250g, 500g, and 1000g. Capsules are sold with the same package weights as opposed to count, which is how most other brands do it.

If you feel like their package sizes are too big for your needs, or if you want to try their varieties before you invest in a bigger bag, then you can try their sample packs. The brand offers samplers for both their capsules and their powders, although the package can be a little limited.

The sampler lets you choose two different strains in either powder or capsules. The powders come in packets of 10g, while the capsules come in packets of 8 caps each. The products themselves are free, all you need to pay for is shipping.


Kratom Bloom Pricing and Coupon Codes

Kratom Bloom Vendor ReviewDespite being new to the market, Kratom Bloom has some of the most affordable prices across the vast number of competitors around. Their powders start at just $29.99 for 250g of product. Their half kilogram goes for as little as $49.99, and their full kilogram sells for just $79.99, which is actually just half the price of many high end kratom brands out there.

If you’re more interested in their capsules, prices are slightly higher at $39.99, $69.99, and $129.99 for 250g, 500g, and 1000g respectively. But even with the slight increase, their capsules turn out to be far cheaper than many of the other options you’ll find online.

You might be thinking that since Kratom Bloom is new to the ballgame, they probably don’t have the leverage to offer such extravagant discounts. But you’d be wrong. The brand sends out discount vouchers through their newsletter regularly while also providing updates on their latest sales and promotional offers.

Other than that, the brand’s Facebook page is teeming with updates that provide buyers with fresh coupon codes they can use to shave down their final total. And to make the deal even sweeter, the brand accepts refunds as long as you return 85% of the product you purchased. So in case you’re not totally happy with what you got, you can rest assured that Kratom Bloom’s got your (money) back.


The Verdict on Kratom Bloom

Sure, they might be new to the market. But that doesn’t mean they don’t mean business. Kratom Bloom offers a wide array of kratom choices that can tickle any kratom enthusiast’s fancy. But more than their selection, the brand delivers great quality and lots of enticing promotions that can make your buying experience just that much more satisfying.

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