Kratom Country Vendor Review

Kratom Country was started way back in 2009, and has since boomed into one of the most authoritative sources for high quality kratom on the market. Refusing to add other products to their list of kratom offers, Kratom Vendor maintains their focus on kratom and kratom alone, allowing them to ensure the quality of their products and focus on the needs of their buyers.

Offering kratom products that undergo a 5-step testing process, Kratom Country imports only the finest kratom plants to produce their stellar selection of kratom powders and more. And because they offer a number of exciting discount offers for first time buyers and repeat consumers, it’s easy to see how they’ve secured such a large patronage over the years.


Kratom Country Vendor


Kratom Country Review

The problem with small-sized kratom start-ups is that they’ll rarely incorporate a review verifier on their website. Sourcing most of their feedback from services like Google Business Page, it’s hard to really figure out what certified buyers have to say about their products. But that can’t be said for Kratom Country.

Their website uses Yotpo, a service that verifies each review to ensure that only individuals who have made a purchase can leave feedback for their products. And with a wealth of consumer generated content on their page, it’s really not hard to get an idea of what buyers have to say about Kratom Country.


Kratom Country Product Line-Up

Kratom Country focuses only on kratom products and does away with all the fancy bells, whistles, and botanicals that other kratom vendors toss into the mix for the sake of ‘variety. Instead, this brand categorizes their offers into just three categories – powders, capsules, and leaf. And then each of these categories are further divided into red, green, and white vein.

Their powders include choices like Green Kali Maeng Da, Red Premium Thai, and a plain and simple White Vein powder. All of these products contain nothing but good old kratom, and each one touts a lab analysis that showcases the all-natural contents of each choice.

Bag sizes available start at 1oz and make their way up to 2oz, 4oz, 8+1oz, 16+2oz, and 32+4oz. Their capsules are sold with the same bag sizes, with approximately 48 capsules for every ounce.

If you’re interested in trying out their variety of kratom strains, then you can try their Variety Packs. They offer packs for both powders and capsules, giving you one ounce of each of their top three selling choices.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Kratom Country isn’t the cheapest vendor out there, but their prices are reasonable nonetheless. Their powders start at $6.99 per ounce, but as with any other kratom brand, they cost less if you buy more. Their largest pack which totals 36 ounces (32 + 4 ounces free) costs $99.99 which dials down each ounce to just $2.77 each.

On the other hand, their capsules retail for $14.47 for every ounce, or $249.47 for their 36 ounce offer (32 + 4 ounces free.) But if you’re still on the fence about making that purchase, it helps to know that Kratom Country offers an interesting range of discount offers for their buyers.

First off, they offer free shipping on all orders. Purchases that exceed $200 are eligible for free overnight shipping, while orders over $75 receive free priority shipping. Other than that, they also provide free ounces for certain order sizes. Eight ounces of powder or capsules get an ounce free, 16oz orders get 2oz free, and 32oz get 4oz free.


Kratom Country Coupon Code

What’s especially exciting about buying from Kratom Country is that there’s never a shortage of kratom coupon codes. Their website flashes a series of vouchers on their home page, letting you shave off the dollars. If you want to gain access to more voucher codes down the line, you can always subscribe to their newsletter.

Other than that, Kratom Country has a loyalty program that lets you earn points for every purchase you make. Every dollar is equivalent to one loyalty point, but they also offer points for other interactions like subscribing to their newsletter, referring a friend, or placing four orders of $500 each.

These points can then be used towards future purchases or to redeem freebies. And if that isn’t reason enough to buy from the brand, they also have weekly deals and monthly specials that let you get your hands on deeply discounted sale products on a routine schedule.


Kratom Country Consumer Reptuation

It goes without saying that majority of those who buy from Kratom Country have nothing but good things to say about the brand. Their excellent offers, wide selection, impressive prices, and stellar freebies, offers, and discounts make them a magnetic force for all sorts of kratom enthusiasts.

What’s more, Kratom Country goes the extra mile by offering the longest of any satisfaction guarantee. Allowing up to 60-days for buyers to send their products back for a refund, the brand promises that they’ll refund the entire cost of the product plus shipping which is way more than what any other vendor is willing to guarantee.


Kratom Country Vendor Review


Kratom Country Customer Support

If you need to reach out to the brand, they have an FAQ page with answers to all of the most common questions that buyers have about their product and services. But if you just can’t seem to find your question through their FAQs, then you can send your query through their Contact Form.

There are other ways to reach the brand though, and these include a hotline for EU and US residents, an office address for US buyers, and an email address.


The Verdict on Kratom Country

It’s not everyday that you’ll find a kratom vendor that offers insanely low prices, a ton of promotions and discounts, a loyalty program, and freebies left and right. And with their ultra robust satisfaction guarantee, there’s absolutely no risk when you buy from Kratom Country.

But if you were still not a hundred percent sure about whether or not you’d like to make that purchase, it helps to know that the vendor lays it all out for you to decide for yourself by offering a wealth of consumer generated content to help you make a choice. Their overflowing five-star reviews are hard to miss, and that’s what makes the brand so appealing to the ever craving kratom market.


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