Kratom Deal Vendor Review

Maybe you’re looking to buy loads of bulk kratom to keep in storage so you never have to worry about running out. Or maybe you’re interested in starting you’re own little kratom business. Whatever the case, Kratom Deal is the way to go.

This brand offers some of the largest kratom bulk packages on the market, letting you get your hands on affordable, high quality kratom that comes in ultra large bags. Plus, because they have a pretty wide selection of products, you can be certain you’ll find a kratom variety or two that meet exactly what you’re in need of.


Kratom Deal Review

There aren’t exactly a lot of reviews for Kratom Deal, maybe because the brand uses pretty common words that search engines can mix up with other keywords. But even then, there are a bunch of reputable sources that talk about the brand.

If there’s anything that might take away from the brand’s reputation, it’s the fact that they don’t offer a lot of information on where they’re based, where their kratom comes from, and whether their products have been tested in labs. But even then, many of those who have tried their kratom claim that they deliver quality product.


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Kratom Deal Product Line-Up

Kratom Deal offers all the basics in terms of kratom strains. So you should expect to find all the traditional picks from the white, red, and green varieties. But the Kratom Deal edge isn’t so much with the variety of strains they offer, but with the various package sizes they can deliver.

Kratom Deal’s kratom powders range from packets as small as 12 grams, to massive bags that clock in 30 kilograms of weight. Prices decrease drastically with increasing weights, letting you enjoy lower prices per gram compared to smaller kratom powder bags.

Other than their kratom powders, Kratom Deal offers Liquid Kratom Extract, 25:1 Kratom Pure Extract Powder, kratom capsules, and even hemp CBD oil. They also have other botanicals in their line-up, mainly from their Nine Mile sister brand that offers choices like turmeric powder, kava root powder, aloe vera extract, and akuamma seed powder.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Kratom powder packages start as small as 12 grams, retailing for an average of $3.49 which is way below market value for the average kratom strain from other brands. Sizes go up to 8 ounces for just $49.95 or 5 kilos for $249.95.

If you’re really interested in bulking up and buying a bigger package, Kratom Deal offers massive bags up to 30 kilos for just $1,299.95 which brings down the cost for every 10 grams to just 43 cents each which is definitely one of the cheapest deals you’ll find for any bulk kratom package across the market.

Most of the time, kratom extracts are the most expensive products on a kratom vendor’s list because of the sheer potency of the formulation. And while Kratom Deal’s extract retails for just $19.99 for a 25x potency gram bottle, which is pretty affordable considering how other formulations can cost upwards of a hundred bucks.

There are lots of other products on the Kratom Deal line-up, but one that’s really worth mentioning is their 25:1 Kratom Pure Extract Powder. This ultra strong formulation is slightly pricier than the average powder at $29.95 per ounce. But despite the cost, the product delivers a powerful punch of effects at just small doses.


Kratom Deal Coupon Code

All orders exceeding $25 are automatically stripped of any shipping fees upon check out, but other than that, it seems Kratom Deal doesn’t offer any other discount offers. Nonetheless, the brand makes up for it with their ultra low up-front prices that let buyers get the most product while spending the least.


Kratom Deal Consumer Reputation

For as affordable as the kratom deal product selection might be, they’re not exactly the most highly talked about brand out there. Most people think it’s because the brand caters to wholesale buyers instead of retail customers, which is why many of those who buy their kratom products resell them under a different name. So they’re really not likely to get a lot of positive reviews since resellers aren’t always keen on having others find out where their products come from.


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Kratom Deal Customer Support

One possible issue you might run into when dealing with Kratom Deal is that they don’t have the most responsive customer support team. While you might get a response to your email now and again, you can’t really expect them to be prompt with their replies. Ultimately, you get what you pay for – and that’s ultra low cost kratom and substandard customer support.


The Bottom Line

Kratom Deal proves to be one of the cheapest sources for both bulk and retail kratom – but there is a catch. Without any lab tests available on their website, there’s no way to guarantee the quality of each batch. And since they’re not the fastest to respond to their buyers, it’s tough to really completely trust in what the brand says. But if you’re looking for affordable kratom, and you need it in ultra large packages, then Kratom Deal offers extra big kratom powder bundles that can help you start your own little kratom business.


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