Kratom Joplin Vendor Review

Located in Webb City, Missouri, Kratom Joplin is a small, family-run operation that’s been in business for the past three years. The brand claims to have the ‘widest’ kratom selection on the market. But while their line-up might not actually be the most expansive you’ll see, it’s definitely a potential contender.

The brand offers various kratom veins and colors, their own signature blends, extracts, and even a few CBD products. And while their website might not be the trendiest you’ll find, they definitely make up for it with friendly customer support.


Kratom Joplin Vendor Review


Kratom Joplin Review

The thing about Kratom Joplin is that they don’t have an ecommerce site, so to speak. Their website provides just the basic information about the products they offer, without offering prospects to make a purchase automatically. Instead, you have to message them to find out how much their products cost and what selection they have available. That also means you can’t read through reviews on their website, since products don’t get individual pages.

Unfortunately, buyers looking to find out more about Kratom Joplin have to deal with the fact that the brand’s name is pretty ambiguous. So instead of giving you a bunch of search results that talk about Kratom Joplin as a brand, Google offers up a bunch of lists and forums that talk about the kratom in Joplin, Missouri. That said, it can be tough to find any real, consumer generated information about the brand.


Kratom Joplin Product Line-Up

Kratom Joplin’s line-up includes mainly kratom powders, but they also offer a few extracts and custom blends. Their selection is divided by color, making it easier for buyers to find a variety that best suits their needs and preferences. Based on the lists provided on their website, the brand carries the following strains:

  • Bali
  • Borneo
  • Bentuangie
  • Chocolate
  • Elephant
  • Horned
  • Indonesian
  • Malaysian
  • Thailand
  • Maeng Da
  • Vietnam
  • Gold

All of their strains are available in red, white, or green vein varieties. Their powders are sold in packet sizes starting at 1oz, but it’s not entirely clear if they sell bulk kilogram bags.

Those interested in their extracts can get any strain and color vein presently available on their list of offers. That means that you get to choose what particular kratom variety you want to enhance depending on which ones the brand makes available.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Kratom Joplin’s prices aren’t exactly what you would call budget-friendly. An ounce of their kratom powder retails for $15, which is significantly higher than what most other brands offer. If you’re a bulk buyer hoping to get your hands on more product than the average customer, then you might be able to get a discount.

Their powders can sell for as little as $8 per ounce if you’re buying a bulk amount, but the brand doesn’t specify what it considers ‘bulk.’ Another thing is that their bulk buy option is only available during weekly sales, so there’s a bit of timing involved if you want to snag those cheaper prices.

On the other hand, their extracts can sell for as much as $50 per ounce or $30 per half ounce. It’s also worth considering that the brand still charges shipping fees on top of the products you’re buying regardless of how much you plan to purchase. Their fees start at $7.20 and may increase depending on the weight of your package.


Kratom Joplin Vendor


Kratom Joplin Coupon Code

Kratom Joplin isn’t too particular about marketing strategies, so they don’t put out a lot of reasons for buyers to stay loyal. Aside from the fact that they don’t have a newsletter, their website’s buying process involves having to reach out to them manually to find out the availability of their stocks, get a price quotation, and an invoice. After that, you can pay manually through the payment options they offer. That said, the only way to get a discount would be to talk them into giving you one.


Kratom Joplin Consumer Reputation

Because of the brand’s name, it’s hard to get any information about what buyers actually think about their products. Some digging reveals however that their products aren’t necessarily the best, but aren’t the worst either. Their average-grade kratom products deliver suitable effects for the typical kratom user, but because you can get more potent product for a lower price, it might be a little impractical to purchase their selection.


Kratom Joplin Customer Support

Because all orders are placed and processed manually, the brand has been known to respond rather quickly to inquiries and concerns. They provide all sorts of contact information on their website for eager buyers, including their email, hotline, physical address, and their socials. If you’re looking to place an order, you can do so by filling out the Contact Form under their Contact Us page.

It’s worth mentioning that the brand doesn’t accept refunds and returns unless they shipped out the wrong products. So if it’s your first time making a purchase and you don’t want to take a gamble, you might want to consider shopping through a brand with a satisfaction guarantee.


The Verdict on Kratom Joplin

Although they do have a reasonably extensive selection of kratom powders and extracts, Kratom Joplin’s sky-high prices and their lack of consumer-generated reviews make them a bit of a risk for buyers who want to ensure the quality of their purchase. But then again, if you don’t mind paying a little extra to get your hands on kratom, then the Kratom Joplin selection might be worth a shot.