Kratom Leaf US Vendor Review

It’s no secret by now that kratom grows native to different parts of Southeast Asia. And while most brands get their raw kratom product from Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia, the herb grows in many other countries such as the Philippines and Papua New Guinea.

Needless to say, the tropical climate in Southeast Asia makes it the perfect place to grow the humidity-loving plant. But in the hopes of adding that homegrown appeal, Kratom Leaf US has gone the extra mile to cultivate their own kratom right here on US soil. The only question is — how good is their stuff compared to native grown kratom?


Kratom Leaf US Vendor Review


Kratom Leaf US Reviews

Kratom vendors should really learn a thing or two about naming their brand. Sure, it might seem like a good idea to name your company using keywords that people usually use to search for the products you’re selling. But with the influx of information about kratom, the keywords ‘kratom leaf US’ hardly deliver any results relevant to the brand.

With that, you can’t really expect to find too many relevant resources online that talk about Kratom Leaf US. The brand’s ambiguous name and their weak online presence make them shrink next to the hundreds of other more popular, more aggressively marketed kratom vendors they compete against.

Other than that, the brand operates out of a poorly designed WordPress website that’s less than easy to navigate. They also don’t collect any reviews from their previous buyers, instead flooding each product page with overwhelming information about their products that may or may not be helpful to their buyers.

The only information you might be able to dig up about the brand is that they were once flagged for not shipping out a paid order. Being the only legitimate review for the vendor online, it definitely leaves a strong impression on future buyers.

Finally, there’s really no way to find them on social media either. While they do have a Facebook and Instagram button on their website, clicking through just redirects you back to their homepage.


Kratom Leaf US Product Line-Up

There are lots of products on their website, many of which aren’t too common on the kratom market, which might definitely be a plus for buyers who are more invested in their kratom enthusiasm. They sell seeds, cuttings, fresh leaves, crushed leaves, capsules, and accessories to help you explore your kratom cultivation skills.

But of course, their powders come out on top as their most popular item. Indo, Horn, Hulu, Elephant, Tawa Indo, Maeng Da, and Tidak Takut are just a few of their picks. And while some of them are grown on their own farms, the brand does import a few choices from Southeast Asian sources.

Those who enjoy the convenience of capsules might find the Kratom Leaf US capsule selection to be a little underwhelming. Okay, a lot underwhelming since they only sell a single type of kratom capsule. Their kratom cuttings might also seem quite exciting but they’re rarely ever in stock.

And finally, a word on their seeds. It helps to know that kratom seeds are incredibly fickle, so they may or may not grow depending on a variety of conditions. According to experts, kratom seeds germinate best when they’re planted straight after they’re taken from the plant since they quickly lose viability after a few days.

Since the vendor sells 7 year old and 11 year old seed pods, it’s hard to figure out whether they’ve got that whole viability thing understood or if they’re trying to appeal to buyers who don’t really know too much about kratom cultivation.


Kratom Leaf US Vendor


Kratom Leaf US Pricing and Coupon Codes

Kratom Leaf US might grow their own stuff, but they still can’t compete with prices from Southeast Asian kratom suppliers. Their 50g packets sell for $15, which definitely isn’t too expensive, while their kilograms go for $100. Even then, other vendors can offer kilograms for as low as $60 to $70 on a regular day — up to $40 bucks cheaper than Kratom Leaf US prices.

Kratom plant cuttings vary in price depending on height, starting at $46 bucks each. Other vendors that sell similar cuttings can charge as much as $100 since they are hard to come by, so Kratom Leaf US might have the upper hand. But then again, availability becomes the issue.

And lastly, we get to talking about their coupon codes and vouchers. Okay, actually, they don’t really have any. The brand’s not too keen about giving out discounts and price cuts, which may have an impact on their popularity all together. And since they don’t have any socials or a newsletter, you’re pretty much on your own in your search for a voucher if they even exist.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


The Verdict on Kratom Leaf US

Should you try them? Well that depends — what are you looking for? If you’re on the prowl for the essentials for kratom cultivation, then by all means, you might find what you’re in search of.

But since there aren’t enough reviews about the brand, and there’s no way to tell if locally grown kratom is as good as the native stuff, you might want to wait for reviews before you give them a shot. After all, their prices aren’t any cheaper than the typical stuff you’d find online anyway, so you’re likely to find quality kratom at lower prices compared to Kratom Leaf US.