Kratom Lounge Vendor Review

A kratom vendor’s website speaks volumes about the quality and caliber of their products and services. That’s why brands like Kratom Lounge have higher chances of retaining and securing patronage through the look of their website alone. Sleek and professionally branded, the Kratom Lounge cyber-nook exudes sophisticated personality that just makes it easier to trust in what they’re selling.

But more than just the vendor’s aesthetic, Kratom Lounge offers buyers premium kratom products that are sourced only from the most trusted, experienced farmers in Asia. Having been around since 2009, Kratom Lounge has mastered the ins and outs of the kratom market to provide their buyers premier product that doesn’t break the bank.


Kratom Lounge Vendor Review


Kratom Lounge Review

Because they’ve been on the market for over 10 years, Kratom Lounge has amassed a number of reviews online. There’s a wealth of information on the brand through various blogs, websites, and forums like Reddit. For the most part, Kratom Lounge enjoys relative popularity and good standing thanks to their quality products and prompt service.

It’s important to know however that Kratom Lounge isn’t AKA-certified. There also isn’t any evidence of GMP certification on their website, which may contradict the whole ‘premium branding’ they’re trying to go for.


Kratom Lounge Product Line-Up

Most brands rake in their buyers by offering countless product options that tickle patrons with a penchant for variety. And of course, Kratom Lounge follows the same pattern. Their extensive selection of kratom strains includes:

  • Maeng Da
  • Bali
  • Ultra Enhanced Indo
  • Horned
  • Thai
  • Indo
  • Malay
  • Hulu Kapuas
  • Kali
  • Sumatra

Each choice comes in three color vein choices: red, white, and green. Buyers looking for something a little more potent can try the brand’s extracts which are available in 15x and 30x variations.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Despite their sophisticated, premium vendor aura, Kratom Lounge’s prices are actually pretty cheap. Most of their strains sell for $15 for 28g which is a comfortable price for most kratom buyers. Other kratom powder sizes and their prices are as follows:

  • $30 for 100g
  • $40 for 250g
  • $75 for 500g
  • $125 for 1kg

Prices are almost the same for all of their powders, except for their Ultra Enhanced Indo strain that sells for $25 for 28g, up to $245 for 1kg. Naturally, extracts are significantly more expensive than their powders, with their prices for 15x extract between $35 to $285, and their 30x between $55 to $525.


Kratom Lounge Coupon Code

Just like many other online kratom vendors, Kratom Lounge has a sign up where you can enter your email address to receive routine newsletters. This is mainly where the brand informs buyers of their latest deals, discounts, and sales, letting you stay up to date on any opportunities to save on your purchase.

They also have a bunch of socials where they frequently post information about any sales and fresh-drops. If you’re keen on patronizing Kratom Lounge as your go-to source, following them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram may prove beneficial.


Kratom Lounge Vendor


Kratom Lounge Consumer Reputation

There are a bunch of products on their line-up with lots of reviews. But while all feedback is marked ‘verified owner’, it’s worth noting that anyone can leave a review on their website — even if you’re not logged in. Upon closer inspection, it seems that the brand doesn’t use a third-party verifying service for their reviews, so the stuff you read on their website may or may not have come from an actual buyer.

Nonetheless, there are a lot of independent reviews for the brand on other websites and forums. Generally, feedback is positive and consumers don’t have too much to complain about which points to effective, quality product. But keep in mind that Kratom Lounge doesn’t post lab reports and neither are they AKA or GMP certified, which may be a big drawback for more discriminating buyers.


Kratom Lounge Customer Support

Kratom Lounge tries to be accessible to their buyers by offering a number of contact channels in case you need to get in touch with your concerns or questions. Aside from their contact form, the brand also offers an email address and a bunch of socials that you can use to get in touch with them.

On their website, the brand claims that they have a ‘guarantee’, followed by the lines ‘Ever have an issue? We make it right.’ And while that might be alluring to careful buyers, it’s equally important to realize that the brand doesn’t exactly outline how they intend to make things right should their products fall short of expectations. Nowhere on their website do they talk about any sort of money-back guarantee.


The Verdict on Kratom Lounge

At a glance, you might think Kratom Lounge is a premier kratom vendor with all the certifications and documentation to give their competitors a run for their money. Their sophisticated website and premium branding can persuade any kratom enthusiast to click through to check out.

But while their products might satisfy most, the brand is anything but ‘premium’. Without AKA or GMP certification or lab reports for their products, Kratom Lounge is just another vendor that simply knows how to play the aesthetic card. Nonetheless, their cost-effective products deliver effective results, making them wort the shot especially if you’re not particular with documentation and certificates.