Kratom One Vendor Review – Read Before You Buy

Kratom One has a story that’s not unlike many other brands on the market today. Owned and operated by a couple of kratom enthusiasts, the vendor was established when these two kratom heads felt that there weren’t enough options that truly delivered quality product.

Today, they’ve received quite a lot of positive reviews, even going as far as pleasing the tough Reddit crowd. But that doesn’t mean they’re better than the rest. Unfortunately for the vendor, one fatal flaw keeps them from winning the coveted king of kratom crown. Learn more here.

Kratom one kratom vendor reviw

Kratom One Reviews

The problem with reviews on the Kratom One website is that anyone can leave them. So, it doesn’t really matter if you’ve tried the stuff or not — you can leave feedback on the page, no questions asked. This can be problematic for very obvious reasons, since some vendors have been known to hype their own product under the guise of well-meaning buyers.

That said, if you were hoping to get a better idea of what Kratom One offers, you’d be better off checking other places on the web for information about them. Luckily, Reddit has quite an extensive collection of threads that talk about the vendor, so you should be able to find out more through their exchanges.

In general, the product quality is just okay. While there are definitely a bunch of high notes in the Kratom One inventory, there are just as many misses. Nonetheless, previous buyers claim that their products deliver consistent quality — so whatever is good will always be good, and whatever is bad will always be bad.

But quality isn’t really all there is. The big problem with Kratom One is that they’re crazy expensive. The vendor’s products can be three or four times the price of others on the market, which begs the question — what makes their stuff worth that much? When you consider their so-so quality and their lack of any sort of certification, it’s tough to really figure out why anyone would pay that much for product you could find elsewhere.

What Do They Offer?

If you’re the kind of kratom buyer who gets excited with variety, then Kratom One is not the place for you. Unfortunately, the vendor’s limited selection isn’t exactly what you would call extensive. Their scant inventory includes just a few picks that might be a little boring if you’ve been around the kratom scene for quite a while, such as:

They also sell their own blends called Tri-Force Kratom that combines unnamed red, white, and green strains, and another called White Fire which is essentially a blend of a bunch of white strain kratom powders.

Powders are sold in packs of 100g, 250g, 500g, and 1 kilogram. Buyers looking to get their hands on capsules, extracts, concentrates, or any other kind of kratom product might be disappointed to find that Kratom One has none. In fact, aside from their powders, there are no other picks on their website.

So, what about lab reports? Most experts will tell you that the marker of a truly reliable kratom vendor would be lab reports for each of their strains. Unfortunately, Kratom One falls short in this area as well. But aside from not having any analyses for their products, they also aren’t AKA or GMP certified.

What Will It Cost?

The biggest issue with Kratom One is that they’re prices aren’t exactly what you would call within budget. The vendor sells their products for three to four times the price that others do, so you might end up spending a whole lot more to get less.

Their 100g packs sell for $28, 250g for $70, 500g for $130, and 1kg for $250. To give you a little perspective, vendors like Herbal Salvation sell their kilograms for just $95. Botanical Bunny goes even lower with kilos at just $90 each. That means you’d have to pay over three times the price to get your hands on the same amount of powder from Kratom One.

Of course, there will definitely be vendors out there who charge more than others especially if they’ve got the paperwork to prove their potency. But since Kratom One doesn’t have certification or lab reports, it’s tough to find the reason to patronize their exorbitant prices.

Another problem with Kratom One is that they don’t even have a newsletter or active social media pages where you can get discount codes and vouchers. That’s why most of the time, you’re going to have to pay full price to get your hands on their stuff.

The Verdict

Kratom One isn’t anything special. Their okay products are a hit or miss, and the good ones aren’t exactly what you would call particularly noteworthy. Other than that, there’s their expensive prices that might seem unreasonable given their lack of certification, documentation, and lab reports. Nonetheless, if you’re looking to be the first person to try every kratom product on the market, then you should do just fine with a small 100g pack of their best offers.

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