Kratom Pharmacy Vendor Review – Just Another Gap Filler

You’ve heard it before — never buy kratom from a vape shop. These guys are notorious for selling product that doesn’t really meet standards, because they appeal more to those who are either just looking to experiment with kratom, or those who need a quick fix after their stash runs out.

Seen as more of a way to bridge the gap between kratom go-to deliveries, kratom head shop brands often fall short of expectations while charging crazy expensive prices. And just a good look at the Kratom Pharmacy website tells you all you need to know — these guys are a full-on head shop name.

kratom pharmacy vendor review

Kratom Pharmacy Reviews

There aren’t a lot of reviews for Kratom Pharmacy online for obvious reasons. Head shop brands are known for selling mostly bunk, so they’re not really out here collecting feedback for their crud. Even on Reddit, people kind of already know what to expect, so you’re not really going to find too many reviews.

Since their website is completely void of any consumer input, the best way to learn more about them would be through other sources on the web. Again, Reddit’s info on Kratom Pharmacy is pretty scant. But you’ll find a few threads that mention them in passing.

One such kratom thread claimed that the Maeng Da from Kratom Pharmacy was the worst by far, bringing headaches, nausea, and doing absolutely nothing in terms of alleviating pain and discomfort. And since that’s pretty much the only information you’ll find about Kratom Pharmacy online, it can be especially difficult to redeem their tainted image.

What Do They Offer?

There’s no shortage of variety on the Kratom Pharmacy line-up. In true head shop brand fashion, they sell powders, capsules, and extracts. And their range of kratom strains is anything but limited. They deliver choices including:

Color veins for each strain varies, but they do carry reds, whites, and greens for most of the picks on their list. Powders come in packs of 30g, 150g, 250g, 500g, and 1kg, which are pretty big for a head shop brand. If you’re looking to get capsules, they come in bags of 30, 65, 100, 500, or 1,500.

Buyers who need a little extra kick might find what they need through the Kratom Pharmacy line of extracts. Their extract tincture comes in a variety of blends, offering 9.9g, 15.25g, or an alleged 25g of mitragynine per dose. The 9.5g blends come in a variety of flavors including mint and coffee. They also have green Maeng Da tablets that contain 11g of the active ingredient.

While their selection might be interesting at a glance, it’s important to recall that they are a head shop brand. And as such, they don’t provide lab reports with any of their products. That means that while their promises might seem absolutely enticing, there’s no certainty that you’re actually getting what they claim.

The vendor sells their products on their own website, which has become an increasingly popular tactic among head shop brands hoping to capture the attention of an audience that’s trying to steer clear of stepping into a vape shop. But you should be able to find their products through a number of distributors’ physical stores in various locations.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost?

So, how much exactly should you expect to spend on Kratom Pharmacy’s stuff? Well, quite a lot, actually. Their smallest powder pack at 30g retails for $9.95. Graduate to their 150g pack, and you’re set to spend $39.95. Their 500g pouch retails for $99.95, and their kilogram goes for $149.99 which can be twice or thrice the price of other kratom vendors.

For perspective, you can find budget kilograms from indie vendors at just $60 a pack. On average though, most kratom vendors sell their kilos for $70 to $90, which is fairly the mid-point on the price range. That said, you could spend that $149.99 on a quality vendor’s product and get twice as much powder for every buck you spend.

Well, that’s how the story goes with head shop brands, so we’re not really surprised. The real bummer is that they don’t have a newsletter for discount codes and promotional offers, so price cuts might be hard to come by. In terms of their socials, they’re not too available either since their Twitter (which is their only social media profile) has since been suspended.

The Verdict

Kratom Pharmacy is your average, everyday head shop brand. None of their products are particularly special, and neither are they budget-friendly. But if you’re in a bind and you just can’t wait for your next kratom order to pop in through your front door, then buying a few grams of Kratom Pharmacy’s stuff from your local head shop might help bridge the gap. But if you’re looking for your next go-to, the Pharmacy might not be the place to try.