Kratom Sensation Vendor Review

This Canada-based kratom vendor claims to be one of the best in the country. While they might not be quite as popular as many other US-based kratom vendors, they boast their fair share of reviews, especially on forums like Reddit. For curious buyers, the brand’s abundance of positive consumer generated reviews prove to be sufficient to teeter them over the edge to make a purchase. But is that really are there is to consider?

One of the main reasons why Kratom Sensation loses its grip on prospects is its price range. With products that are obviously way over market value, it’s hard to really make a decision, especially if you’re working within a tight budget. So lots of buyers find themselves asking — are Kratom Sensation’s products really worth it?


Kratom Sensation Vendor


Kratom Sensation Review

While Kratom Sensation does have a feature on their website that lets you leave reviews, literally anyone can enter their feedback — whether or not they’ve made a purchase. That means that there’s no way to tell whether the feedback on their site was left by actual buyers or by the guys at their offices.

So the best way to really find out what kratom enthusiasts have to say about the brand would be to look through Reddit. Although there aren’t too many threads that talk about Kratom Sensation, but the ones that do exist share some pretty insightful information about the brand. For the most part, Redditors have accepted Kratom Sensation as one of the better brands.


Kratom Sensations Product Line-Up

Kratom Sensation mainly focuses their energy into providing buyers with kratom powders. Their selection includes some 16 different kratom powders, which isn’t exactly extensive but sufficient nonetheless. All of their choices are relatively common, offering all of the familiar favorites that you’ve probably already tried before.


Their line-up includes:



Their packet sizes start at 35g which they dub their sample size. They also offer packs that weigh 65g, 125g, 235g, 350g, and 500g, which is the largest kratom powder package that the brand carries.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Prices for their kratom powders are all the same across the board, regardless of what strain or variety you’re getting. Kratom powder prices are as follows:


  • $13.99 for 35g
  • $26.99 for 65g
  • $49.99 for 125g
  • $89.99 for 235g
  • $119.99 for 350g
  • $149.99 for 500g


While their prices match many of the other elite brands on the market, Kratom Sensation doesn’t really fit into that segment. That said, lots of buyers on Reddit claim that they don’t see the need to pay such big prices for okay quality kratom. In fact, some of them assert that you should be able to find budget kratom powder of better quality for just $90 a kilogram.


Kratom Sensation Coupon Code

On the upside, Kratom Sensation does let their buyers access impressive discounts to help ease the total cost of their products. They do this through their newsletter that sends out promotional offers and discount codes to buyers who subscribe. And to kick things off, then send out an introductory 15% off voucher you can use on your next order right after you sign up to their mailing list.

Other than that, they also offer free shipping. Canada-based orders that are over $60 and US orders over $100 automatically get the shipping fee scratched out during checkout.


Kratom Sensation Vendor Review


Kratom Sensation Consumer Reputation

If there’s something that Kratom Sensation really gets high praises for, it’s their fast delivery. The brand prides itself in how efficiently it can prepare and ship out orders, making sure their buyers get their purchase within a day or two of placing an order.

In terms of the quality of their product, Kratom Sensation gets a thumbs up from most buyers, but don’t expect anything out of this world. Their kratom definitely won’t disappoint, but most of those who have tried the stuff claim that it’s really nothing special.


Kratom Sensation Customer Support

The Kratom Sensation brand takes between 24 to 48 hours to respond to messages, and provides buyers a few options to get their concerns across. Their website has a Contact Form that you can use to send your message, but the brand also accepts inquiries and concerns through their email. If you’re looking for a faster reply, you can also reach out to them through their Facebook page.


The Verdict on Kratom Sensation

Kratom Sensation’s modest selection of kratom powders might not be too extensive, but they deliver exactly what their buyers need. And although prices might be slightly up there, the brand hopes to make up for it with their fair share of promotional codes and discount offers. In terms of kratom quality, they’re definitely not out of this world. But if you need to get your hands on a fresh batch of kratom as quickly as possible, Kratom Sensation’s speedy delivery service might be the answer.