Legit Kratom Vendor Review

As one of the trendier kratom vendors on the market, Legit Kratom draws in buyers with their streamlined website, catchy branding, and smooth sales talk. The brand has been around for roughly three years, offering what they call the highest quality kratom at cost-conscious prices.

While they have amassed quite an impressive following throughout the kratom market, Legit Kratom extends its reach into CBD territory. For that reason, the brand is dubbed more of a botanical specialty store than just an exclusive kratom vendor.


Legit Kratom Review

Having been established in 2017, Legit Kratom offers a pretty solid range of products that includes kratom powders, capsules, crushed leaves, extracts, and other botanicals. The brand’s main goals can be summarized into three – provide buyers with quality kratom and botanical products, offer reliable customer service, and ensure buyer satisfaction.

Give the brand a quick Google search, and you’ll find a bunch of reviews about their products and their sales ethic. You’ll also notice that Legit Kratom rarely gets any negative feedback which reflects the nature of their operations.


Legit Kratom Vendor Review


Legit Kratom Product Line-Up

As of writing, Legit Kratom offers quite a range of products that extend beyond kratom. But as the brand’s name suggests, their bread and butter remain to be kratom powder. Their selection includes all the basics which are neatly categorized by color or by type.

The brand also offers crushed leaf kratom which is available in two varieites. These include Borneo and Maeng-Da varieties. Their capsules on the other hand are available in every type of powder they carry.

Other interesting products in their inventory include what they call ‘kratom alternatives’. This category includes everything from CBD gelcaps, gummies, oil, and flower, to Mulungu Powdered Barnk. For those looking to improve their dosage practice, the brand also offers a range of scales for sale.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Their kratom powders vary in prices in depending on strains. On average though, each choice starts at $15 for a 50 gram bag. Prices become cheaper as you buy bigger packages, with a 500 gram bag costing just $70, placing a 50 gram serving at just about $7. Their biggest kratom bags contain 1kg of product, and retails for an average of $120.

Their crushed leaf kratom products also start at $15 for 50 grams. Their 100 gram packs clock in at $25. Capsules cost $25.95 for a pack of 70 caps, or $49.95 for 100 caps. If you’re looking for potency in smaller doses, their kratom extract might work out for you. This formulation retails for $200 for a one ounce bottle.


Legit Kratom Coupon Code

Legit Kratom is one of the few kratom vendors that has a dedicated tab for coupon codes. Clicking through to the coupon page redirects you to sign up for the brand’s newsletter sign up page. This is how they send their patrons and repeat buyers coupon codes, discount vouchers, and news about promotional offers.

Other than that, Legit Kratom also offers free samples with every order. Just add a free sample to your cart from the inventory to go with your purchase and they’ll ship it with your chosen products at no extra cost.


Legit Kratom Consumer Reputation

To give their buyers a better idea of the quality of their products, Legit Kratom uses a third-party review authentication service that ensures that all reviews submitted to their website come from certified buyers.

Much of the products on their site have received exclusively five star feedback, which lends clue to the quality of their products. The same goes for the information shared about the brand on places like Reddit, where previous buyers mainly talk of Legit Kratom’s fast delivery, quality kratom, and their reponsive customer support.


Legit Kratom Customer Support

Based on the brand’s About Us page, customer satisfaction is one of the cornerstones of their operation. So it comes as no surprise that the company offers a satisfaction guarantee on all orders.

In case buyers aren’t completely happy with the quality of the products they get, the brand offers to refund the cost of any unused portion of the product that they send back. This offer is valid within 30 days of the purchase date.

Other than that, Legit Kratom also provides a number of different contact options for those who want to reach out with concerns and questions. For the most part, many of those who have purchased from the brand claim that they’re quick to respond and deliver individualized reponses for each concern.


Legit Kratom Vendor


The Bottom Line

Legit Kratom is a legit source for high quality kratom, offering to meet every buyer’s satisfaction. With their refund guarantee, quick deliver process, and timely customer support responses, the brand aims to help each buyer experience a seamless transaction that meets every aspect of consumer expectations.


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