LI Herbals Kratom Vendor Review

Established some time in 2015, LI Herbals — which stands for Long Island Herbals — has earned quite the reputation online. The brand is the stuff of many Reddit threads, with buyers going back and forth discussing all of the experiences they’ve had with the brand.

Today, LI Herbals goes by the name LIH Tea Company and they’ve maintained their popularity for several reasons. But the most significant reason for their undying patronage is simple — their ultra low prices.


LI Herbals Review

The LI Herbals website lets verified buyers leave feedback for any purchases they’ve made. But even then, there aren’t a lot of reviews on the site. In fact, some of their products have zero reviews which means you might have to check out other sources if you want to get a feel of the brand’s products and services.

Fortunately, there isn’t a shortage of reviews on Reddit. As one of the most discussed kratom vendors on the forum, LI Herbals is the topic of many threads throughout the Reddit database so it shouldn’t be too hard to find reliable information from buyers and patrons of the brand.


LI Herbals Kratom Vendor


LI Herbals Product Line-Up

To protect the interest of the website, the LI Herbals brand labels all of their kratom products ‘matcha’ instead. This just prevents a lot of the technical issues that other brands run into especially when dealing with local authorities. That said, you won’t be able to find any ‘kratom’ on their website, so to speak.

They have about 39 different products on their website, and they include everything from kratom powder, to capsules, and a wide variety of interesting herbs that you might want to explore if you’re into natural wellness.

If you’re looking to get your hands on kratom powder, the brand offers about 17 different choices and 3 picks for capsules. And in yet another attempt to keep their product protected, the brand gives each powder a distinct name that might make it a little tough to really understand what they are at a glance.

For instance, they sell what they call GRWY Ele which is code for green, red, white, yellow Elephant — a powder that combines all four color veins of the Elephant variety. Their powders come in weights of 30g, 250g, or 1kg.


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

The best part about LI Herbals would have to be their outstanding prices. The brand sells their 30g packs for just $5, their 250g packs for $30, and their kilogram packs for $80. They also have sample packs of 180 grams total powder, divided into six different strains for just $18.75.

Some of their strains can sell for more or less than the stated prices, like their RMT Matcha Tea which sells for an industry low of just $75 for a whole kilogram. Those interested in buying capsules can cop the brand’s Veggie Capsules for just $25.95 for 200g worth of caps.


LI Herbals Coupon Code

LI Herbs prices are more than enough to keep buyers coming back for more, but that doesn’t mean the brand doesn’t try its fair share of retention tactics. Every purchase you make with the brand earns you points that are accumulated and saved to your account. These points can be used towards future purchases, helping you shave down the prices of their products even further.

Aside from that, the brand is happy to hand out freebies and samples — whenever they’re available. According to their FAQs page, buyers are enjoined to request a free sample when making an order. But they also leave the disclaimer that samples aren’t always available. In case they are though, those who leave the request to get one included with their order.


LI Herbals Kratom Vendor Review


LI Herbals Consumer Reputation

With their insanely low prices and generous rewards program, it comes as no surprise that LI Herbals has earned quite a positive reputation throughout the market. Many of the buyers who talk about the brand through reviews and forums have close to nothing negative to say about the company, their products, or their services.

But of course, there’s no such thing as the perfect vendor. For the most part, LI Herbals could improve its customer support facet by replying more promptly to concerns. On top of that, they don’t have any lab analysis reports on their website, which might be a potential downside for more discriminating buyers.


LI Herbals Customer Support

To contact LI Herbals, they provide a contact form on their website for buyers and prospects to leave their concerns, messages, and inquiries. Other than their form, there isn’t any other way to get in touch with them. And that’s why you might have to wait a while before you receive a response. For some buyers, the lack of a physical address can also be a red flag, since it can be tough to track down the vendor in case of any issues with their products.


The Verdict on LI Herbals Kratom Vendor

LI Herbals might not be the fastest when it comes to communicating with their buyers, and they might not make lab reports known to their buyers. But with the kind of reviews and feedback that the brand gets on forums like Reddit, it seems their selection of kratom powders get the seal of approval from even the most experienced kratom heads. So if you were looking to find your latest go-to for budget-conscious kratom, then LI Herbals might be the answer.

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