Master Fong’s Kratom Vendor Review

Because of the sheer number of vendors on the market, it’s only natural that kratom brands toot their horns and flash their credentials to draw in the consumers. And while some of them might actually have the fact to back up their claims, there are a few that push the lines and tout questionable qualifications. Master Fong’s Kratom is one of them.

According to their website, Master Fong’s Kratom is the pioneer of the industry — whatever that means. And to provide their buyers with the best kratom around the globe, the brand claims that their staff are regularly flown to areas where mitragyna speciosa is grown so they can handpick the best herb to bring back home.


Master Fong’s Kratom Vendor


Master Fong’s Kratom Review

Unlike other brands that have lots of reviews online, Master Fong’s seems to be one of the lesser known kratom entities out there. Having been around since 2014, the brand’s popularity has yet to take flight although there are some online reviews that claim that the brand is one of the better known picks out there.

A quick search of Reddit shows that there aren’t a lot of threads that discuss Master Fong’s, and that Redditors who actually discuss the brand warn other buyers to stay away from their products. Unfortunately, these users don’t elaborate the reasons for their warnings, so we can’t really draw any conclusions from the threads.


Master Fong’s Kratom Product Line-Up

Master Fong’s doesn’t really have an extensive selection, and based on their website, they only offer two kratom varieties. These include Bali and Maeng Da, without any distinct color vein indication. Products are sold as either capsules or powders, but the sizes of their packages are also particularly limited.

Powders are available on in 60g bottles with no other options avialable to their buyers. If you’re interested in their capsules, the brand only sells them as either 15ct packets or 60ct bottles.

Considering their selection and the limited package sizes, Master Fong’s shapes up to be a run-of-the-mill head shop brand. Add in the fact that they don’t sell their products through their own website or store, it becomes obvious that Master Fong’s isn’t really a vendor but more of a smoke shop speciosa brand that tries to run with the big boys.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Since Master Fong’s is a wholesale brand selling their products to resellers, they don’t really post their prices online. Another thing is that they don’t have fixed prices between resellers, so the prices you find through one head shop won’t necessarily be the same price you’ll find through another.

If you want to make a purchase online, the brand’s website redirects you to which is one of their major resellers. The products are priced at about $30 for a 60ct bottle of capsules, which may be right around the market value for similar products in the same segment.

It pays to keep in mind though that there are a few reviews that talk about Master Fong’s quality. While their prices might seem reasonable, their product isn’t quite as potent as a lot of kratom heads might prefer. And that means having to use more kratom per dose in order to experience the effects, which also means running out much sooner.


Master Fong’s Kratom Coupon Code

Some of the things that keep buyers coming back for more are loyalty programs, discount offers, and coupon codes. Unfortunately, Master Fong’s isn’t really interested in that since they don’t sell directly to their buyers. Instead, they do business with resellers who buy their products in bulk. So they don’t really need to put too much emphasis on trying to secure a loyal patronage.

That means that if you’re the kind of buyer who likes to get discounts, then Master Fong’s isn’t for. Nonetheless, if you want to save on your Master Fong’s purchase, it helps to know that their products are sold much cheaper through than through any other reseller that carries their kratom.


Master Fong’s Kratom Consumer Reputation

Because there aren’t a lot of reviews about Master Fong’s online, it’s hard to say what buyers really think about their products. However there are a few comments on Reddit that already give you an idea as to what kind of quality the brand has to offer.

With a limited selection and shady products, it’s hard to fully trust in what Master Fong’s has to say about their selection. What’s more, because the brand doesn’t offer any sort of documentation for their products (like lab reports and certificates of analysis) it’s tough for buyers to fully trust in the brand and what they have to offer.


Master Fong’s Kratom Vendor Review


Master Fong’s Kratom Customer Support

According to the website, ‘Fong is Never Wrong.’ With that, the brand guarantees to refund any order that just doesn’t meet your expectations. And while that might be an interesting offer, there isn’t any information on the website that tells you how to go about the returns process. Plus, because their products are sold through resellers, it’s not entirely clear whether all of their partners are willing to refund those orders.

Nonetheless, if you need to reach out to the brand, they do offer a few options on their website. They have two hotlines posted on their website, as well as a contact form that you can use to send them a message. Do note that they’re not the fastest to respond unless you’re making a bulk purchase.


The Verdict on Master Fong’s Kratom

Although they might seem like a totally benign seller, the lack of positive reviews makes the Master Fong’s brand slightly questionable. That, and the fact that they don’t really make their lab reports public, screams shady and unreliable. Nonetheless, if you were hoping to give their products a shot and you don’t mind taking a risk, then you should be able to find their kratom through the list of resellers they share on their page.