Matrix Kratom Vendor Review

If there’s one thing a solid kratom enthusiast will tell you, it’s that you should never buy your product from a headshop. Offering a sundry of products from CBD, to hemp, to kratom, and all the accessories you might need to use them, headshops are non-specific vendors that don’t really specialize in quality as they do in mere availability.

That said, the Matrix Kratom brand might not be a name you’ve heard before. In fact, they don’t have much of an online presence either since they’re mainly focused on selling their wares through headshops. Nonetheless, there are lots of kratom buyers who are wondering – are Matrix Kratom’s products worth it?


Matrix Kratom Review

Matrix Kratom is a shady kratom product that’s manufactured somewhere in Las Vegas. As of writing, the Matrix Kratom brand doesn’t have a lot of self-published information online. In fact, even reviews posted by consumers and other websites don’t have a lot of information about the brand, making it pretty tough to come to a verdict about the products’ quality and the service they provide.


Matrix Kratom Vendor Review


Matrix Kratom Product Line-Up

Unlike other kratom brands that offer an extensive selection of products, Matrix Kratom doesn’t carry a lot of variety in terms of both strains and product type. Their powder packages are available in sizes of 20, 50, or 200 grams, and come in just three different strains. These include Red Vein Thai, White Vein Thai, and Green Vein Thai.

They also offer capsules in 20 or 50 count packages using the same kratom powder varieties they offer, with the added option of Maeng Da. For their tincture, they only offer one formula which is a Red Vein Liquid Tincture.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

There is no suggested retail price for Matrix kratom’s products because they’re a headshop brand. That means their products’ prices fluctuate from vendor to vendor. On average though, their 20g sachets retail for $10, 50g for $16, and 200g for $60. For those who want kratom that’s easier to dose, Matrix Kratom’s capsules retail for roughly $8 for 20-count or $16 for 50-count.

If you’re looking to try what the brand calls the “most powerful kratom shot on the market”, their Red Vein Liquid Tincture sells for about $18 for 7mL of product. Of course, while it claims to be ultra potent, there’s not a lot of literature to back it up. And because its price is pretty cheap, it’s advisable not to expect so much out of the formulation.


Matrix Kratom Coupon Code

They’re not an online brand, so it’s pretty tough to get any discounts or promotional offers to shave off the cost of the brand’s products. For the most part, price cuts rely on the vendor that’s peddling the stuff. So if you want to get your hands on lower prices, you might have to seek out a headshop that offers a better deal than others.


Matrix Kratom Consumer Reputation

The general population’s idea about Matrix Kratom is pretty varied. There are a lot of buyers saying that the stuff is pretty much exactly what you would expect to get from a gas station which is absolute crap. Many buyers have complained that the Matrix formulation doesn’t even provide the slightest effects.

But for every passionate hate review posted about the brand’s products, there’s equally vehement positive feedback. These reviewers on the other hand state that while the brand might not be able to provide the same knockout benefits as competitors like Vivazen, it gets the job done without too many added ingredients.

In fact, Matrix Kratom claims that their products are just 100% pure kratom with no additives, preservatives, flavors, or other chemicals tossed into the mix, so there might be some truth to these reviews yet. On the other hand, almost anyone can post a review these days – even the guys working at Matrix themselves.


Matrix Kratom Customer Support

Here’s the thing – the product is sold through shady gas stations and headshops, so manage your expectations. Customer support through these types of vendors is relatively non-existent. The brand itself is impossible to get a hold of, so unless you’ve got a complaint that you can file as a lawsuit, don’t really expect to get a response from the guys behind the product.


Matrix Kratom Vendor


The Bottom Line

All things considered, buying from the Matrix Kratom brand is a 50-50 sort of thing. On one hand, you’ve got low prices and alleged kratom purity. But on the other hand, there’s the lack of reliable verified buyer reviews and customer support. Whatever you decide though, it’s worth noting that there haven’t been any reports of adverse reactions or side effects just yet – just lots of unmet expectations. So if you’re willing to spend a dollar or two just to say ‘been there, done that’, then Matrix Kratom might be worth a try.


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