Mayan Kratom Vendor Review

During your search for the ultimate kratom brand, you’ll come across a bunch of substandard sellers that sell poor quality product. And while it might not always be easy to tell them apart from reputable kratom sources, there are a few that really pop out like a sore red thumb. Today, there are a number of unscrupulous brands out there that just give kratom a bad name — and Mayan Kratom is one of them.

With a website that gives almost zero information on the brand, its owner, and the quality of its products, Mayan Kratom has received lots of negative feedback from both independent reviewers and previous buyers. And it’s not simply because of substandard product.


Mayan Kratom Vendor


Mayan Kratom Review

Pay a visit to the Mayan Kratom website, and you’ll find several red flags. The first is that they don’t let buyers post any reviews about their products. In fact, they don’t even have individual product pages for each of their kratom choices in the first place. Instead, they just have a list of kratom varieties and a number you can call to place an order.

But that doesn’t even really sum up the whole story. A quick search of the Mayan Kratom brand reveals that they’ve received a ton of negative feedback because of claims that they allegedly posted online. According to the brand, they sell FDA-approved kratom, and if you’re update on the latest kratom news, you know that can’t possibly be true.

Kratom has yet to be approved by the FDA, so you can’t find product that states otherwise. Plus, a little extra reading will reveal that the guy behind Mayan Kratom brand is actually a convicted felon which definitely speaks volumes about why they would go and make such false claims.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Mayan Kratom Product Line-Up

Unlike other brands that try to reel in customers by setting up tons of pictures and alluring copy to go with each of their products, the Mayan Kratom seller seems to take a different route all together. The brand doesn’t have individual pages for their products, instead providing their buyers with a mere list of their kratom varieties.

These include:

  • Maeng Da
  • Premium Bali
  • Maeng Da Supreme
  • Red Vein
  • Green Malay

What’s interesting is that they also don’t tell you the different product package sizes they offer. Instead, they have a single photo of their products stacked on top of one another, showcasing that they carry 30g powder bottles and 20ct and 40ct capsule bottles.

However, there’s no way to tell based on the website alone if they offer any other sizes or how far they go in terms of bulk orders. That said, if ever you did want to find out what else they sell, you’d have to reach out to them through their hotline.


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

The thing about Mayan Kratom is that they don’t sell to individual, retail buyers. As a distributor, the brand focuses on getting their product out through vape shops. With that, you can expect their prices to fluctuate depending on the amount you plan to order.

Another reason why it’s tough to give a price range for their products if you’re interested in buying retail is because they don’t have a suggested retail price. That means headshops are mainly at liberty to slap on whatever prices they feel would work best in their favor. So to answer the question of pricing, it really depends on the specific vape shop you’re buying from.

According to some reports though, 28g of Mayan Kratom powder could cost as much as $25, which means they sell at around a dollar per gram. Considering the fact that some vendors can sell 1000g of product for as little as $80 just goes to prove that Mayan Kratom is way overpriced.


Mayan Kratom Coupon Code

Looking to get a discount? Again, Mayan Kratom doesn’t sell to retail buyers. So if you were hoping to get their products at a lower price, then you’d have to check out a vape shop that carries their products when they’re on sale.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to buy wholesale to resell, the brand offers cheaper prices for those who want to buy more product. Larger wholesale orders get to enjoy smaller prices per unit, but then again, you do have to pay much more upfront.


Mayan Kratom Consumer Reputation

You might find a good review now and again, but the web is mainly dominated by bad reviews talking about the poor products that Mayan Kratom sells. So aside from their reputation of talking absolute BS (see: FDA-approved product), Mayan Kratom has been known to sell products that really fall short of expectations.


Mayan Kratom Vendor Review


Mayan Kratom Customer Support

As with any other brand that targets its products at headshops, Mayan Kratom is mostly unreachable if you’re looking to get in touch about customer concerns and complaints. In fact, they don’t even provide their buyers a lot of options to get in touch. The only ways that you can reach out to them if ever you do need to would be through their hotline and their contact form on their website.


The Verdict on Mayan Kratom

We don’t really expect every kratom vendor to offer the same quality product across the board, but we at least expect to get value for the money we spend. Aside from falling short of the target in terms of quality, Mayan Kratom is notorious for marketing lies. So unless you were willing to take that risk, you might as well check out a different vendor all together.