Mile High Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review

Operating out of Denver, Colorado, the Mile High Botanicals brand is a well-established kratom vendor that enjoys a lofty seat versus many other competitors in the country. The brand has earned for itself quite a positive reputation throughout the market as a reputable source for quality kratom. With that, Mile High Botanicals enjoys sturdy support and patronage from their large following.

With both powders and capsules on their shelves, the brand aims to expand their inventory to provide buyers a wide selection of kratom varieties. But as of writing, their present spread is definitely expansive, making them the go-to for buyers who want to explore other kratom varieties you don’t see every day.


Mile High Botanicals Review

Give the brand a quick Google search and you’ll find that they have over a hundred reviews on their Google Business Page. And while it helps to know that anyone can leave a review on Google, the predominantly positive response from their buyers leaves an equally positive impression on their prospects.

Now, if you’re not totally sold on their Google Business Page reviews, then you can check out forums like Reddit where conversations about the brand abound. In fact, a lot of Denver locals on Reddit claim that Mile High Botanicals’ stuff is the best kratom in the city, if not the entire state of Colorado.


Mile High Botanicals Kratom Vendor


Mile High Botanicals Product Line-Up

With 58 different products on their shelves — including powders, capsules, and blends — Mile High Botanicals makes sure that there’s something for everyone. Their impressive selection incorporates some interesting finds alongside a few of your familiar favorites to give you a complete shopping experience.

Some of their powders include White Borneo, Red Elite Elephant, Gold Premium, Red Dragon, Green Borneo, and Trainwreck which is one of their unique blends. They also offer a range of capsules that use the same powders on their list of products.

For their powders, they offer four different package sizes: 2oz, 4oz, 6oz, and 1lb. For capsules, they have bottles at 50ct, 100ct, and 200ct.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Unlike other brands that switch up their prices depending on the strain you’re buying, Mile High Botanicals simplifies the entire shopping experience by offering all of their kratom powders at the same price. Their powders sell at the following prices:

  • $30 for 2oz
  • $50 for 4oz
  • $65 for 6oz
  • $140 for 1lb

Capsules on the other hand sell for the following prices:

  • $19.99 for 50ct
  • $39.95 for 100ct
  • $79.95 for 200ct

While these aren’t exactly out-of-this-world expensive, it helps to remember that some brands can sell their kilogram packages for as little as $80 to $90 each. So with their largest pack of 1lb powder selling for $140, the brand touts almost double the price that many other brands are able to provide.


Mile High Botanicals Coupon Code

The Mile High Botanicals website is actually just an extension of their physical store. So if they went ahead and offered discounts on their website, their brick-and-mortar would have to do the same thing, lest it fall behind their online platform in terms of sales.

That said, the brand doesn’t really offer too many discounts. In fact, aside from not having a mailing list for their buyers, they also don’t have a free shipping offer. For Denver locals though, the brand lets you buy products online that you can pick-up for free at their branch.


Mile High Botanicals Consumer Reputation

Is their product the best kratom you’re ever going to try? Probably not. But does the stuff get the job done? Absolutely. If there’s one thing that’s consistent across the board, it’s that buyers tend to see the Mile High Botanicals line of kratom products as a much better choice than a number of the other vendors out there because they deliver the same effects every time.

Other than that, there’s a real distinction between the benefits that every variety delivers, which means that you can expect their Whites to behave as Whites, their Reds to work as Reds, and their Greens, Greens.


Mile High Botanicals Customer Support

In case you receive a package that isn’t to your liking, or if you have any concerns or questions about their products, you have the option to reach out to Mile High Botanicals through their Contact Form or their hotline. Of course, Denver locals also enjoy the benefit of being able to walk into their store for some assistance.

Keep in mind though that Mile High isn’t big on refunds, returns, and exchanges. Actually, they don’t even talk about that on their website at all. Nonetheless, they might be able to entertain your product concerns if your package remains sealed and untampered, complete with any tags it came with in the mail.


Mile High Botanicals Kratom Vendor Review


The Verdict on Mile High Botanicals

There’s a lot to love about Mile High Botanicals — from their wide selection of products to their consistent, reliable product formulations. Of course, there’s no such thing as the perfect brand. So while they might be able to satisfy your needs on the quality end, there’s a lot to improve on on the service end.

Without a lot of promotional offers, discounts, or refund and return opportunities, the brand really limits the kind of relationship you can establish with them. Nonetheless, if you’re not about getting familiar with your brand of choice and you just want straight up, quality kratom, then Mile High Botanicals might be worth a shot.