Motark Kratom Vendor Review

For a while, Motark Kratom was one of the most prominent online kratom vendors. The stuff of many Reddit threads, this brand offered stellar products, easy prices, and responsive customer support that helped to streamline the entire buying process.

Today, a quick search of Motark Kratom brings up tons of reviews — but no dedicated ecommerce website. So, while you might be able to find a lot of talk about the brand, it’s presently impossible to get your hands on their products. Well, their kratom products, at least.


Motark Kratom Review

Rising in popularity in 2017, Motark Kratom was the stuff of countless online kratom discussions. The brand was highly esteemed for their impressive selection of high quality kratom products, making them a fan favorite among the most dedicated kratom enthusiasts across the globe and especially in the United States.

But many changes in FDA regulations attempting to control kratom’s use caused the brand to cease operations multiple times. Today, the website Motark Best is still up and running, but if you’re headed there to find kratom products, you might be in for a little disappointment.


Motark Kratom Vendor Review


Motark Kratom Product Line-Up

Despite kratom being embedded in the brand’s name which is literally ‘kratom’ spelled backwards, Motark Best no longer sells kratom products through their website. Pay their site a visit and you’ll find a bunch of products including scented candles, turmeric powder, teas, and even medical-grade hand sanitizer.

All of that said however, there seems to be no kratom in sight on their virtual storefront. It’s not clear when the brand decided to pull out their kratom products or whether they plan to restock any time soon.

In the past however, Motark Best sold quite a range of kratom powders, including all of the most popular picks like Green Maeng Da, Red Borneo, White Hulu Kapuas, and Green Malay.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Prices varied depending on strains, but their ounces would start at an.. average of $13. Buying larger packs brought down the price of the product per ounce. Some of their cheaper products cost no more than $10 per ounce, giving budget-conscious buyers more options to save an extra buck.

When the brand shut down their website and pulled out their kratom products, most of their kratom were still available through affiliate vendors for the same prices. Unfortunately, today, Motark’s line-up seems unavailable anywhere.


Motark Kratom Coupon Code

Way back when Motark was still up and running, the brand offered a few discount offers through their newsletter, but there wasn’t a fixed promotion that buyers could avail of throughout the year. Instead, the brand gave out discounts and price cuts depending on seasons, sometimes even when clearing out their inventory.

While they didn’t offer a lot of promotional discounts back in the day, Motark made up for it with their impressively low prices. Unfortunately, today, there aren’t any Motark coupon codes or vouchers since the brand doesn’t offer such an extensive selection of products anymore.


Motark Kratom Consumer Reputation

There’s a lot to love about Motark, and all of the Subreddits talking about the brand testify to its impressive quality. Many of those who were lucky enough to try Motark’s line-up claim that it was one of the best brands in existence at the time.

Sadly, many of the consumer reviews that rave about Motark Kratom only reach up to 2017, after which it seems the brand ceased to offer their range of kratom products. Despite that however, Motark remains seared into the memories of buyers who were truly careful about the quality of kratom they used.


Motark Kratom Vendor


Motark Kratom Customer Service

There isn’t a lot of information on how well Motark used to care for their buyers. But in this case, no talk might bid well for the brand. Today, the company keeps its email and contact information on display through their website for buyers and curious cats to reach out with their concerns.


The Bottom Line

Motark Kratom was a game changer in the industry, and the vendor set the bar high for all of those that came after it. While their products might not be presently available, many of those who trusted and patronized the brand are eager to see the brand make its much-awaited comeback.


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