Nature’s Organix Kratom Vendor Review

Based in Wilsonville, Oregon, Nature’s Organix is a kratom brand that’s dedicated to providing buyers products that are as close to the real thing as possible. Their all-natural selection touts formulations that are pure and unadulterated, giving you powders and capsules that provide potent effects.

The old adage ‘a little goes a long way’ is perfectly encapsulated in Nature’s Organix’s products. Their range uses only the finest kratom leaves sourced straight from Southeast Asia to maximize the benefits of the herb. But as with any other vendor, Nature’s Organix has its fair share of shortcomings.


Nature Organix Kratom


Nature’s Organix Review

The thing about Nature’s Organix is that they have a pretty common brand name, so search engine results deliver a mix of different websites and brands that might not be linked to Nature’s Organix all together. The best way to find them instead would be to check their page on Instagram.

Through their ‘Gram, you should find a link that redirects you to And although the website doesn’t make mention of the Nature’s Organix brand, it seems that the digital storefront is the company’s e-commerce website through which they sell their powders and other products.


Nature’s Organix Product Line-Up

There are over 100 different products on the Nature’s Organix website, with 51 powders and 53 capsules. Needless to say, their extensive range offers some of the most common kratom varieties you might already know and love. But what’s most enticing is that they also offer a number of distinct kratom choices that you might not find anywhere else.

Some of their familiar products include Red Thai, White Bali, and Green Vietnam. For those who are feeling a little extra adventurous, there’s White Batak, Green Asia, and Red Sunda. If you’re not big on measuring out your own doses, the brand offers all of their powders as capsules as well.

For buyers who need something a little stronger than the usual powder, the brand offers what they call UltraAlks Ultra Gold. This 300mg mitragynine capsule contains full spectrum kratom alkaloid extract which makes it especially potent for more prominent, full body effects.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Nature’s Organix offers pretty reasonable prices that are notably lower than the average you’d find on the market. Their packs start as small as 3g which cost just $5. They work their way up in both weight and price, stepping up to 45g for $19, 250g for $40, and 1kg for $80. This places their 1kg bags lower than most wholesale offers from even the most prominent kratom vendors.

Their capsules on the other hand start at $7 for 20 count bottles. Eighty count bottles go for $19.99, while 150 and 300 count bottles retail for $37.99 and $73.99 respectively. Their Ultra Gold capsules are their most expensive product to date, selling for $19.99 for just two capsules.


Nature’s Organix Coupon Code

Nature’s Organix doesn’t have a newsletter or even an introductory discount offer for their buyers, and promotions are pretty hard to come by. But that doesn’t mean they don’t offer the occasional price cut now and again. Many of these offers are posted on their social media pages, so it helps to check back now and again to get an update.


Nature’s Organix Consumer Reputation

It’s tough to get a solid idea of the market’s idea of Nature’s Organix because of their ambiguous name that ties them with a bunch of other vendors that have nothing to do with them entirely. What we do know however is that there is an actual Nature’s Organix kratom brand that’s sold through the same brand, although most of their operations are done through their Buy Organic Kratom webpage.

Products labeled ‘Nature’s Organix’ use the same powders sold through Buy Organic Kratom, but it seems these bottled powders and capsules are offered only to resellers. So you’ll typically find them through kratom emporiums and kratom vendors that source their products from distributors.


Nature’s Organix Customer Support

It helps to know that Nature’s Organix does offer a 30-day refund but only for products that haven’t been opened. They’re not exactly the fastest when it comes to responding to their buyers online, but the brand should send over a reply within two to three working days of your inquiry.


Nature’s Organix Kratom Vendor Review


The Bottom Line

Nature’s Organix offers a broad range of products, and their diverse kratom line-up makes them a suitable choices for those who want to explore the many different kinds of kratom herb on the market. Add in their competitive prices, and it’s easy to see how the brand has managed to survive the cut-throat kratom market.

But even then, they’re not without their fair share of flaws. With limited information on the quality of their products, insufficient resources when it comes to verified consumer reviews, and the scarcity of discount offers and coupon codes, some buyers might feel that buying from Nature’s Organix might be a bit of a gamble. Nonetheless, if you’re looking for low prices and lots of choices, their line-up might meet your needs.