OKIE Naturals Kratom Vendor Review

Operating out of Newkirk, Oklahoma, OKIE Naturals is a kratom vendor that’s big on discounts. The brand is managed by a husband-and-wife duo that was fed up with the limited choices, the shady products, and the unprofessional experiences they had with headshop vendors and seedy kratom brands.

OKIE Kratom prides itself as a kratom vendor for the rest of the population. Understanding the unique needs of family folks who use the stuff for its benefits against pain and various other daily discomforts, the OKIE brand provides professional services and quality products in packaging that won’t embarrass the average family man or woman.


OKIE Naturals Kratom Vendor


OKIE Naturals Review

There are quite a lot of reviews out there for OKIE Naturals, mainly thanks to its reputation as a solid source for quality kratom that’s targeted at professional folks. The brand understands how some people might feel embarrassed walking into a headshop or kratom specialty store because of the stigma that comes with the herb.

Their target market is mainly professionals and family men and women who don’t identify with kratom brands that market their products for a younger, more daring audience.


OKIE Naturals Product Line-Up

OKIE Kratom believes that not everyone wants to buy large amounts of kratom at a time, and that’s why they offer some of the smallest samples on the market. Their variety of kratom powders come in packs as little as 0.5      ounces, letting you take home just enough product to suit your needs without overwhelming your storage or your wallet.

Their kratom powders are available in some pretty outlandish flavors, like Chocolate Bentanguie, Green Bumble Bee, and even an interesting Pink Thai. Some of their powders are distinct blends concocted by the brand itself, letting people enjoy the effects of different kratom strains in a single package.

Other than their kratom powders, OKIE Naturals also offers various other natural medicinal herbs. With choices like Cat’s Claw extract, Nelumbo Nucifera powder, and Mulungu extract, this brand delivers a host of herbal products that make it something of a one-stop-shop for natural wellness enthusiasts.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Since the brand offers products in such small amounts, you can also expect to pay a minimal fee for some of their finest products. A 0.5 ounce serving of their kratom powder costs no more than $2.50, making the product especially accessible for buyers on a limited budget. A 2 ounce pack costs $10, and their 250 gram bag – which is the biggest they offer thus far – retails for $25.

While their prices might not be the cheapest when you calculate the cost per gram, OKIE Naturals places itself ahead of the competition because of their ultra-fine powders. These products are formed into an ultra light, ultra thin powder that makes it easier to measure out precise servings. So you can make a small amount of product last much longer without having to worry about wasting coarse powder.


OKIE Naturals Coupon Code

OKIE Naturals does give out the occasional coupon code through their mailing list which you can subscribe to through their website. But more than their newsletter, the brand’s rewards and loyalty program proves to be the most gratifying way to save an extra buck on your products of choice.

Their membership program lets you earn points for certain types of transactions and interactions. These points can be used as discounts on future purchases, so the more you interact and transact with the brand, the more you stand to slash off of your grand total.

What’s more, OKIE Naturals also offers a referrals program that lets you earn 500 points for every person you refer to their products. Your referred buyers also earn a 20% off voucher on their first order as long as they buy using your referral code. If you’re interested in their latest promotional offers, they have a Promo page that’s dedicated to providing buyers news on their updated discounts.


OKIE Kratom Consumer Reputation

All things considered, OKIE Kratom holds a pretty solid reputation among buyers because they understand how touchy the topic of kratom shopping can be – especially for people of certain ages.

The stigma that surrounds kratom products gives outsiders the impression that people who use it simply do to feel good, not fully understanding the benefits that the herb provides. By bundling their kratom together with other natural healing herbs, OKIE Kratom hopes to change the perspective that people have about the stuff, thus making it easier for older adults to buy the product without having to worry about what others think.


OKIE Naturals Kratom Vendor Review


OKIE Kratom Customer Support

OKIE Kratom offers three ways for customers to reach out. The first is through their order form available on their website. The second is through email, which can also be found through their website. And the third is through Facebook. On average, OKIE Kratom takes about one working day to respond to queries, but they can be much faster based on buyer reports.


The Bottom Line

OKIE Kratom does a good job at satisfying buyers who consider themselves outsiders to the whole kratom image. With their fair prices, smaller amounts, and extensive selection of various kratom strains and blends, the brand sets itself apart and caters to customers who don’t want to be tied down the negative kratom stigma. And because they offer a range of other medicinal herbs in their line-up, you can be sure to find everything you need to replenish your wellness stash.