One Stop Herbal Shop Review

The herbal movement is ever on the rise. With the widespread sale and use of herbs like kratom and hemp throughout the country, people are becoming more and more open to the idea of achieving wellness with nothing more than the natural goodness of the plants around them. That’s why more health buffs are willing to toss out their prescriptions in favor of something just as effective but without the side effects.

But it doesn’t end with just kratom and hemp. Other herbs are becoming more popular these days, which has prompted vendors to make an entire range of ethnobotanicals available to their buyers. One Stop Herbal Shop aims to become the ultimate source for all things natural wellness, and they do that by providing buyers a whole selection of herbs and other natural products.


One Stop Herbal Shop


Reviews on One Stop Herbal Shop

User generated content is perhaps the most reliable resource you can exercise to find out more about a brand. That’s why anyone scouting a brand new kratom vendor often turns to their reviews to find out whether they’re worth a shot or not. Unfortunately, One Stop Herbal Shop has a scarcity of reviews both on their website and elsewhere.

To be clear, they do allow buyers to leave reviews on their products, but their system doesn’t verify whether the reviews come from actual buyers or not. That means you can leave feedback whether or not you try their products. On their Facebook, One Stop Herbal Shop has just two five star reviews with very limited information as to why these people felt inclined to leave such a rating.

And then there’s Reddit. Despite all other fronts looking dismal for the One Stop Herbal Shop, threads on Reddit praise the brand for their solid products and services. A lot of Redditors seem to have positive experiences with the owner himself, which creates an air of familiarity and friendship between buyers and the management.


One Stop Herbal Shop Product Line-Up

Their name says it all. The One Stop Herbal Shop hopes to become the ultimate source for everything herbal, so they offer a whole lot more than just kratom. Their selection includes herbs, CBD, delta-8 extracts, hemp flower, herbal-infused body care products, extracts and tinctures, and even live plants.

Their kratom line-up includes their own custom blends, familiar kratom strain favorites, and yes, even live kratom plants. Some of the strains you’ll find through their shop include:

Package sizes for their kratom powders start at 1oz and increase to 1/4 kilo, 1/2 kilo, and 1kg. If you’re not entirely sure which strain to buy and you want to try their options first, they have a sampler pack that lets you get your hands on a select variety of their line-up.

Under their custom kraotm blends category, One Stop Herbal Shop offers six different custom kratom variety mixes that switch up the effects of each product. A noteworthy choice would be their “Diamond Extract Blend – Diamond White” kratom that’s said to be a unique cultivation from their partner farmer in Indonesia.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


One Stop Herbal Shop Pricing and Coupon Codes

One Stop Herbal Shop ReviewThere’s a reason why One Stop Herbal Shop continues to operate and generate revenue despite their lack of a personality or proper branding, and it’s because of their prices. While other brands sell an ounce for $30 or thereabouts, One Stop Herbal Shop sells their 1oz kratom packets for just $3.5. A fourth of a kilo sells for $20, 1/2 goes for $30, and their full kilogram sells for a measly $60.

So how exactly does One Stop Herbal Shop manage to cut their prices so low without incurring any losses? Well, it seems that they source straight from growers in Southeast Asia, who basically sell their raw material for the cost of spare change. With that, One Stop Herbal Shop gets the leverage to sell their products at much lower prices than their competition.

Keep in mind though that shipping prices aren’t free, and the brand does increase the fees depending on the weight of your purchase. But even then, at the added cost of $8 or $12 bucks for shipping, you’re still getting extremely affordable kratom compared to what many of the other vendors out there offer.

On occasion, One Stop Herbal Shop will place some of their products on sale, but there’s really no way to find out unless you follow them on their socials. Sometimes, their sale items aren’t even advertised at all, so you’ll have to scour their website to find out if they’re offering any price cuts.


The Verdict on One Stop Herbal Shop

There doesn’t seem to be a kratom vendor out there with a name that fits quite as well as One Stop Herbal Shop. Their broad range of kratom and other ethnobotanical products makes them a solid choice for those who want to incorporate more natural wellness products into their everyday life. And because their prices are so low, and their products authentic and pure, there’s really no reason not to give their range of kratom powders and blends a shot.