Original Harvest Kratom Vendor Review

As one of the more professional, polished kratom vendors out there, Original Harvest draws in its consumers with their magnetic force of a marketing strategy. Touting sophisticated packaging, beautiful colors and logos, and catchy advertising tactics, Original Harvest Kratom can make any natural wellness enthusiast drool.

Offering a stupendous product line-up, Original Harvest Kratom delivers every product and variety of kratom you might need to match your needs or to help you explore the wonders of the herb. From their streamlined, ergonomic website, to their beautifully packaged product, Original Harvest Kratom is here to show all those small-time kratom vendors how it’s done.


Original Harvest Kratom Vendor Review


Original Harvest Review

One thing that gives Original Harvest a real edge over its competitors is that the brand has a wealth of verified buyer reviews. Their website uses its own third-party software to make sure that only people who have actually made a purchase can leave behind a review. This makes it possible for readers to feel more confident knowing that they’re seeing what real buyers have to say.


Original Harvest Product Line-Up

Another thing that sets the Original Harvest brand apart is their insane product selection. With 53 powders and 53 capsules to choose from, this brand is a behemoth when it comes to variety.

Of course, you should expect to find all the of the basics stocked on their shelves. But more than that, Original Harvest is home to a few rarities that might not be too easy to find. These include picks like Malaysian Yellow Kratom Powder, Riau Red Kratom Powder, and 10X potency variations of your familiar favorites.

In essence, Original Harvest gives you every color vein available for every strain. So if you were hoping to find out what Borneo would work like if it were red, green, white, or yellow, you best believe that Original Harvest has all the answers.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Kratom powders vary in prices depending on the strain. Some of their cheaper choices include Vietnam Red Vein Kratom Powder which retails for $15.95 for every ounce. Now of course, that’s not exactly what you would call cheap. But Original Harvest is a premium brand, so you should expect premium prices.

Two ounces of product can retail for as little as $28.95, while four ounces go for $57.95, and finally $114.95 for eight ounces. Again, these are some of the cheaper picks. Some strains can retail for two or three dollars more, especially if they’re considered less common.

Then of course, there are the capsules. Their least expensive capsules retail for as little as $19.95 for a 100 count pouch. There are slightly pricier picks available as well, retailing for $24.95 for a pouch of a hundred capsules. Needless to say, their prices are pretty steep. So if you were using kratom for long-term management, the Original Harvest line-up might cost you a lot over time.


Original Harvest Coupon Code

Who doesn’t love a discount? The guys at Original Harvest know exactly how to draw in a kratom-head and they get your attention first with a pop-up discount. Visit their page and you’ll get prompted with a promotional offer for signing up to their newsletter. Other than that, the brand also sends out the occasional discount code to your email so you can enjoy a price cut on your purchases.

But if you just can’t wait for that next promotional voucher to reach your inbox, you can always check the brand’s ON SALE tab. This page features the brand’s present selection of discounted products. They’re usually fast moving and they change depending on what stocks need to be let go from the store’s shelves. So make sure you check back to see what’s new.


Original Harvest Kratom Vendor


Original Harvest Consumer Reputation

On average, Original Harvest seems to be doing pretty well with their buyers. Offering a wide selection of products with premier packaging, speedy shipping services, and responsive customer support, the brand provides a blissful shopping experience all around. Of course, that’s if you’re willing to shell out that pretty penny for your kratom stash.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the brand offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Letting you send back unused product to get a refund just in case they don’t meet your expectations, Original Harvest aims to prove that customer satisfaction is their biggest motivator and goal.


Original Harvest Customer Support

Original Harvest has what is perhaps one of the most robust customer support teams in the industry. Their personnel are quick to respond and provide informative replies that really help out with the buying process. There are a bunch of ways to reach the Original Harvest team as well, so you can be sure you won’t have to wait to long in queue to talk to a representative.

Aside from their live chat widget available on their website, Original Harvest also accepts inquiries through their order form. They also have a handful of hotline numbers, physical addresses, and email addresses you can reach out to with your concerns. And if that isn’t enough, there are always the brand’s social media pages that remain active and responsive as of writing.


The Bottom Line

Original Harvest sets itself apart by being one of the most dedicated kratom vendors on the market. Their large selection, speedy customer support specialists, frequent discounts and promotional offers, and their attention to detail make them particularly skilled at satisfying their buyers. Of course, expect to pay more than usual for the kind of buying experience that Original Harvest offers. But if you want nothing short of the best, then the added price might be well worth the money.