Philly Kratom Vendor Review

Based in the heart of Philadelphia, Phill Kratom is a humble kratom dispensary that offers a sundry of products that can tickle the fancy of any adventurous kratom enthusiast. Their products include some of the most popular kratom strains of all time, and a few other takes on the kratom formulation which might change the way you appreciate the herb altogether.

With everything from powders to enhanced products, Philly Kratom aims to deliver all of the products any kratom-head might need. Their fun collectibles and interesting seasonal offers also give buyers a reason to keep coming back to check in on what’s new.


Philly Kratom Vendor


Philly Kratom Review

The Philly Kratom website is home to some pretty insightful reviews, and you can thank HelpfulCrowd for making sure all of the feedback left on their website is legitimate. The feature makes sure that any review comes only from verified buyers who have actually tried the products and have successfully completed a transaction with the brand.


Philly Kratom Product Line-Up

Their selection is made up mainly of powders which are sold in packs of 2oz, 4oz, or 8oz. They also have sample packs that contain five different kratom strains that total either 10oz or 5oz. For those looking to buy slightly more kratom in one go, they offer a four-way split kilo or half kilo.

Their strains include some of the more familiar choices you’re likely to find through a typical kratom vendor. So you should find the likes of Green Maeng Da, Yellow Vietnam, Red Thai, and White Borneo stacked up on their shelves. Other than those though, they also provide their buyers some unique choices like Green Plantation Thai, Green Aceh, and Becky’s Red Blend.

If you’re looking for new ways to enjoy kratom, they offer kratom extracts that are mixed in together with other botanicals and herbs to give the formulation a little extra kick. One of their more popular choices would be Philly Crystal no. 41 – a combination of kratom extract and five citrus fruits.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going To Cost Me?

Two ounces of Philly Kratom’s powder retails for $14 which is neither cheap nor expensive, sitting pretty right smack dab in the middle of the price spectrum. Four ounces retail for $20, while their eight ounce packs go for double that. Their split kilo costs $105, while the half kilo goes for $55.

Again, they’re not trying to be the cheapest brand out there. But they do compete with industry standard pricing. On top of that, the brand also offers free shipping on all orders $50 or over.


Philly Kratom Coupon Code

Philly Kratom doesn’t exactly offer too many discounts and promotions, but they do have a newsletter that sends out the occasional offer. If you’re paying with bitcoin, the owner lets you take 10% off of your order, which can be particularly substantial especially if you’re order bulk. However if that’s not enough for you and you’re still looking to get a price cut, you could always check out their sale offers.


Philly Kratom Consumer Reputation

Philly Kratom is pretty popular with buyers, especially in the Philadelphia area. Their quality products and reasonable prices make them stand out versus many other vendors that fail to secure their buyers’ trust. What’s more, Philly Kratom relies heavily on the friendly, familiar method that its owner interacts with buyers, making you feel just a little more confident when you make a purchase.

If there’s anything that buyers don’t like, it’s the manual payment process that makes the entire buying process a little tedious. Buyers need to key in their own amounts and calculate discounts on their own (if applicable.) So there is a risk of paying a little less or more than you should especially if math isn’t your strongest suit.


Philly Kratom Vendor Review


Philly Kratom Customer Support

They’re not the fastest to respond since their customer support is pretty undermanned. But even then, you should expect to get a response within a day or two of sending in your query. Philly Kratom interacts with their buyers in a very casual, friendly way, so it can be particularly pleasant to get in touch with their team.

Some of the ways that you can talk to Philly Kratom management would be through their Contact Form, hotline, and email. They also have their physical address posted on their website, where you can walk in to check out what they offer in case you don’t feel a hundred percent about buying online.


The Verdict On Philly Kratom

Philly Kratom offers a reasonable selection of products with a few interesting botanicals alongside their kratom line. The brand’s powders are especially potent, bringing their buyers the full benefits of kratom at reasonable prices. Their kratom crystals are also particularly interesting, offering kratom enthusiasts a new way to enjoy their favorite herb.

On the downside, the ultra manual payment process can be pretty tedious for lots of buyers. And because they don’t offer too many discounts and promotions, you might expect to pay full price for their products every time. Nonetheless, if you were looking to transact with a reputable seller who’s unlike to disappoint, then Philly Kratom might be what you’re looking for.