Prof. Whyte’s Kratom Vendor Review

The brainchild of Austin Vape and Smoke, Prof. Whyte’s Kratom is your standard headshop brand. And yes, that zero chemistry disclosure for substandard product. The stuff isn’t sold online through a dedicated Prof. Whyte’s website and is instead distributed to vape shops and emporiums where they’re sold with reseller prices.

Ambiguous, substandard, and even disappointing to a degree, Prof. Whyte’s embodies exactly what you would expect out of a headshop brand. And while a bunch of newbies might say the stuff gives them a stellar experience, many more experienced kratom veterans sing to a completely different tune.


Prof. Whyte’s Kratom Vendor Review


Prof. Whyte’s Kratom Review

There isn’t a lot of information about Prof. Whyte’s and that’s because they’re not too well-known. Sold through a few kratom emporium websites like, the stuff doesn’t get a lot of publicity both on and offline. That said, reviews are also pretty scarce, but there are a few mentions of their product on forums like Reddit.

Unfortunately for buyers hoping to do a little research about Prof. Whyte’s, there’s very little information on the quality of their product online. There are a few reviews on Discount Kratom USA, but without a verification software to confirm whether the reviews were actually left behind by buyers, it’s really hard to trust in what they have to say.


Prof. Whyte’s Product Line-Up

Since Prof. Whyte’s doesn’t have their own website, it’s hard to get a full picture of the products they offer. Based on descriptions for their formulations however, it seems that their kratom powders are blended together with CBD. According to information from Discount Kratom USA’s product page for Prof. Whyte’s powders, they contain no more than 0.3%THC.

Their Facebook page also makes statements that claim their products incorporate both CBD and kratom. Interestingly however, the packaging for their kratom powders state ‘100% pure kratom’, which raises questions as to whether they contain CBD or not.

As of writing, there seem to be three different kratom powder blends sold through the brand. These include Calm, Euphoria, and Uplift. These three blends incorporate distinct kratom color veins to achieve different results during use. Packages are only available in two sizes: 100g and 1000g.

According to the Prof. Whyte’s Facebook page, they also used to sell capsules, but the don’t seem to be available anywhere online. In fact, even the Austin Vape and Smoke website doesn’t carry any of the Prof. Whyte’s Products.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

What’s interesting about the Prof. Whyte’s brand is that they’re not particularly overpriced, which you would expect from a head shop brand. Their 100g packets sell for $26.99 while their 1000g packs sell for $104.99.

Of course, they’re not the cheapest around since you should be able to buy premium kratom from legitimate vendors for as little as $80 to $90 per kilogram. But if you’re in a pinch and you need to replenish your stash as quickly as possible, then a trip to your local head shop and a 100g pack of Prof. Whyte’s might be enough to bridge the gap for now.


Prof. Whyte’s Kratom Coupon Code

Since they’re not sold through the Austin Vape and Smoke website, and they’re only available through sites like, then the best way to get a discount code would be to wait for a DiscountKratomUSA voucher. Another thing to consider is that Prof. Whyte’s are sold mainly through head shops which are only likely to give you a price cut in case they’re clearing out their inventory.


Prof. Whyte’s Consumer Reputation

There isn’t a lot of talk about Prof. Whyte’s probably because they’re not too widespread. It’s hard to find the stuff even through local vape shops since the Austin Vape and Smoke company doesn’t seem to keen on trying to bring their product into the market’s collective consciousness.

With that, it seems there’s not much of a reputation for the products in the first place since no one really knows a lot about them. Based on reviews left behind on their product pages, there are a few who think they’re good quality, but again, the reliability of those reviews is questionable.


Prof. Whyte’s Kratom Vendor


Prof. Whyte’s Customer Support

The Prof. Whyte’s Facebook page seems to have died a natural death with many comments left behind on posts going unanswered for the past several years. That said, you really can’t expect to get too much of a response from the people behind the product especially because they don’t even sell the product on their website.


The Verdict on Prof. Whyte’s Kratom

Combining CBD and kratom, the Prof. Whyte’s Kratom brand hopes to take the experience a little further, but they ultimately fail. Whether it was because of lapses in marketing efforts or because the product just didn’t deliver the results it promised to, it’s not entirely clear.

Without much of a presence online, it seems the people behind Prof. Whyte’s have given up on trying to bring their new product to the foreground. But if you do want to give the stuff a try anyway, there are still a few emporiums out there that might be able to ship the products out to you.