Raw Form OrganiKs Kratom Vendor Review

The kratom market is booming, and vendors are working round the clock to meet the ever increasing demand. So, it’s no surprise that witty companies like Gaia have explored other avenues to supply the needs of the growing kratom market.

A few years back, Gaia opened up Raw Form OrganiKs — their own subsidiary company. The goal of Raw Form OrganiKs would be to supply kratom to gas stations, convenience stores, and head shops where Gaia’s own products wouldn’t be able to penetrate. And that’s what makes Raw Form OrganiKs particularly peculiar — is it like most other head shop brands?


Raw Form OrganiKs Kratom Vendor


Raw Form OrganiKs Review

There’s been a lot of talk about Raw Form OrganiKs mainly because of their affiliation with Gaia. Known as one of the juggernauts of the kratom industry, Gaia is the established go-to for buyers who want reliable, consistent, quality kratom at reasonable prices. So when Raw Form OrganiKs was dropped and buyers made the connection, lots of consumers were curious to learn whether the stuff was similar to Gaia’s stuff.

Interestingly enough, it seems Raw Form OrganiKs’ products are pretty much the same as the Gaia collection. Of course, it follows that the RFO line is slightly more expensive since they’re targeted at head shops. But if you were caught in a bind and in need of quality kratom with no other source but your local smoke shop, then you’d best head for the RFO.


Raw Form OrganiKs Product Line-Up

Raw Form OrganiKs has three main categories for their products — powders, capsules, and extracts. Their ultra extensive list of offers exceeds 70 choices which means Raw Form OrganiKs has what is perhaps the most expansive range of kratom products you’re likely to find on the market.

They offer their own unique blends like Amethyst and Crazy Train. But for those who want to try pure, unadulterated kratom, they offer strains including Malay, Maeng Da, Thai, Borneo, Bali, Vietnam, Dragon, Brunei, Indo, Horn, Batak, Asia, Sunda, Ketapang, Kali, Jongkong, and Elephant in all the different color veins available.

Their capsules come in the same variety as their powders, so you should expect to see the same substantial list of choices when you browse their capsule collection. Then of course, there are the extracts which include choices like 20x Bali, 20x Pontianak, 50x Bali, and 50x Pontianak.

If you’re not sure what strain you want to get, the brand offers a selection of different sampler pack sizes that you can split into various strains so you can get a taste of all the different choices the brand offers. Their Welcome Sampler Pack includes 7 different strains in packets of 1oz each, giving you a taste of the picks that might have piqued your attention.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

All of their powders start at the modest price of just $5, but are also offered in varying sizes to meet the unique needs of each buyer. The prices for their powders are as follows:

  • $5 for 1oz
  • $30 for 250g
  • $120 for 1kg

While their prices are slightly steeper than their parent company’s, they’re still pretty cheap compared to a lot of other head shop brands out there. Do note that their sampler options cost pretty much the same, with the distinction that you can break the total weight down into several different strains so you get more variety for every dollar you spend.

On the other hand, their capsules come with the same prices and are only available in one package size. The kilogram bag costs $199.99 across the board, regardless of what strain you’re buying. Their 20x extracts start at $2.5 per gram, and increase up to $2,250 for a kilogram. Then of course, their 50x extracts are slightly more expensive at $5 per gram or $4,500 per kilogram.


Raw Form OrganiKs Coupon Code

While they’re not exactly that big on discounts, the Raw Form OrganiKs brand does offer a few deals that might teeter you over the edge to make a purchase. Their website has a mailing list sign-up where you can send in your email address to get the latest information on their product drops, sales, and promotional offers

Other than that, the brand provides up to 10% of extra product if you simply choose certain payment methods upon checkout. The 10% is calculated based on the amount of product you’re buying. So if you cop 1000g of kratom powder, you get an extra 100g.


Raw Form OrganiKs Consumer Reputation

What’s interesting about Raw Form OrganiKs is that although they are a head shop brand, they enjoy a relatively positive reputation. Lots of buyers claim that their stuff is just as good as the Gaia product line-up, probably because they’re the actually entirely the same. Of course, they are slightly more expensive. But if you ran out of kratom and your only option was to buy from a head shop, then Raw Form OrganiKs should be the best pick.


Raw Form OrganiKs Kratom Vendor Review


Raw Form OrganiKs Customer Support

This is where they fall slightly short. The brand isn’t too responsive, but they will reply to concerns after a few business days. On their website, they list their socials, their hotline, email address, and their physical address. To make sure you get a response, they encourage that you call or send in your inquiry during their operation hours. If you’re willing to wait though, you could send in a message through their contact form.


The Verdict on Raw Form OrganiKs

As Gaia’s sister company, there are big expectations for Raw Form OrganiKs, and the impressively deliver. The brand offers quality products at reasonable prices, considering the fact that they’re a head shop brand. So if you’re ever caught in a bind and the local smoke shop carries Raw Form, then you best believe you’re in good hands.