Sabai Kratom Vendor Review

Located in Norther Ireland, Sabai Kratom is a premium kratom vendor that delivers top quality powders, extracts, leaves, and a variety of other products across the globe. Their wide selection of products includes some of the most popular kratom varieties, and a few lesser known rarities that draw in curious consumers.

Offering impressively fast shipping services, prompt customer support, and a full money back guarantee, the Sabai Kratom brand works to make sure that every transaction is fruitful and rewarding. But does it live up to its tall promises? Find out here.


Sabai Kratom Review

Key in the Sabai Kratom brand new into your search engine, and you’ll find a host of reviews that talk about all the wonderful transactions they’ve had with the brand. On the downside, there are some sources that claim that the brand doesn’t provide verifiable lab testing results or clean room proof.

This means that while they can provide lab analysis certificates, the provided paperwork can’t be verified as legitimate. Another thing is that some investigators have found that the brand doesn’t have any proof of a clean packing room, which leads many to think that their products might not go through the necessary quality control during the packaging process, leaving it prone to contamination.


Sabai Kratom Vendor


Sabai Kratom Product Line-Up

Sabai Kratom has one of the most extensive selections of kratom powder on the market. Their bestsellers include some of the common fare you’ll find in search of kratom including Green Hulu, Green Maeng Da, and Red Bali. But aside from that, there are a bunch of less popular choices that might catch your attention.

Red Batak, Arizona Snow, and Elephant Jong Kong are some pretty wild picks that you won’t see everyday. The brand also offers their own kratom powder blends like Mandy’s Miracle, Jen’s Juice, and the whimsical Elizabeth’s Trigeminal Neuralgia Warriors Mix.

Aside from their powders, you’ll find some of the other common kratom products lining their shelves. These include capsules and variety packs, and even CBD. The brand also sells what they call ‘kratom companions’, which is basically Mitragyna Hirsuta – a sister plant of kratom which delivers pretty much the same effects.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Sabai Kratom claims to have some of the fairest prices around, and while they’re not the cheapest, they’re definitely not the most expensive. Their powders retail for an average of $6.99 for an ounce, but packages increase in weight up to 1000 grams for retail buyers.

These 1kg bags cost $109.7, which brings each ounce to just about $3 bucks. If you’re hoping to save a little extra, their Mitragyna Hirsuta retails for $5.59 per ounce, or $15.99 for a hundred grams.

Their range of capsules retail for $14.99 for a bottle of 50, with each cap containing 500mg of kratom product. For those who want something that will last a little longer, their biggest bottle contains 500 capsules, and retails for $119.99.


Sabai Kratom Coupon Code

Being a pretty well-established brand, Sabai Kratom has the leverage to offer some pretty impressive discounts and promotions to help you cut back on your grand total. As with any other reputable kratom vendor, the brand lets first time buyers get as much as 10% off on their first order by simply signing up for their newsletter.

Other than that, the brand has a Referral Program that lets you get discounts for every buyer you refer to their products. By signing up to be a member of their website, you get a unique referral code that you can send out, and any purchases made through your link earns you a discount you can use on your next order.


Sabai Kratom Consumer Reputation

While there might be a bad report or two about Sabai Kratom and their paperwork, the general consensus among their buyers is that their products are up to code. With most of their patrons leaving nothing but high praises and five star reviews, it’s worth recognizing that the brand definitely knows how to satisfy their buyers not only with their product quality, but also with their customer support services.

One more reason why Sabai Kratom has earned such a lofty reputation among its buyers is because of its satisfaction guarantee. All buyers are given the opportunity to ship back any product that doesn’t meet standards, earning them a full refund. So when you consider all the angles, there’s really nothing to lose when you transact with Sabai.


Sabai Kratom Customer Support

Another way that Sabai Kratom earns the trust and confidence of their buyers is through their stellar customer support service. The brand takes pride in their superior customer satisfaction process that helps ensure every buyer’s concerns are promptly resolved.

Aside from a contact form that you can submit through their website, the brand also offers a complete address, a telephone hotline, and even a time frame when it would be best to give their office a call. If you need an answer to your question ASAP, the company offers a list of FAQs and their corresponding answers for easier shopping.


Sabai Kratom Vendor Review


The Bottom Line

Sabai Kratom might have had a bad report here and there, but all of the positive reviews that come flooding in to support the brand’s operations might make you reconsider. The brand’s high quality hemp, impressive selection, and dedication to customer satisfaction have made it nothing short of a worthy contender in the highly competitive kratom market today.


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