Sevenohm Kratom Vendor Review

Sometimes written ‘7Ohm’, this kratom brand is a small time kratom vendor based in Seattle. Running their operation through a Blogger domain, this brand keeps things straightforward – just a rudimentary blog page with a list of kratom names, and an order form to zap you straight back to the 90’s.

No doubt, comparing Sevenohm’s website to some of the more popular brands out there might get you feeling a little apprehensive right off the bat. But hey, looks can be deceiving. So, what’s the truth behind Sevenohm?


Sevenohm Kratom Review

Way before 7Ohm was reduced to a Blogger website, the brand was a thriving, reputable kratom vendor heavyweight. The company was one of the best known kratom brands on the market between the years 2016 and 2017, which is why the shutdown of its original domain – – came a shocker to most of those who enjoyed their products.

That said, a lot of the reviews you’ll find about 7Ohm come from much older resources, such as 2017 Reddit threads. In fact, even the reviews posted on the brand’s present Blogger page are all lifted from threads that were posted way back when the brand was still recognized as one of the best sources for quality kratom.


Sevenohm Kratom Vendor


Sevenohm Kratom Product Line-Up

Today, 7Ohm’s operations are run through a Blogger website that might not convey the company’s branding too well, but serves its purpose nonetheless. However, don’t let the simplified interface fool you – Sevenohm offers what is perhaps the most extensive selection of kratom powders on the market.

With a whopping 67 different kratom powders to choose from, the 7Ohm line-up features some pretty impressive rarities including Brown Borneo, Yellow Ketapang, and even Golden Jong Kong. These powders are available in packs of 25, 100, 250, 350, 500, and 1000 grams.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

One of the reasons why Sevenohm continues to retain its popularity despite shutting down operations for quite some time is because of their prices. The brand has some of the lowest prices for kratom powder in the entire industry, so it’s no wonder why buyers looking to spend less on their product turn to the brand.

Twenty five grams of powder costs no more than $5, while a kilo costs just $90. Keep in mind though that according to the website, they’re selling 2017 stocks except for certain strains. That means that some of these powders have been around for over three years.

Shipping fees for orders 250 grams or less cost just $5, while bigger, bulkier packages cost $20. There are different payment methods available, but the website doesn’t let you pay directly. So once you send in your order, the company will send you a link with the payment information you need to settle the cost.


Sevenohm Coupon Code

The Blogger site does have a little section at the bottom of the order form that lets you key in a coupon code. But since the company doesn’t have an official website anymore, they also don’t have a newsletter. So presently, there really isn’t any sort of regularly sent out code you can use to get a price cut on your order.

On the upside, the blog section of the website does offer a few gems for those who are willing to soldier through the TL;DRs. If you manage to rummage through the posts, you’ll find a few that offer free samples, giveaways, discount codes, and other interesting promotional offers.


Sevenohm Consumer Reputation

While Sevenohm might have had to significantly reduce their manpower to just the backbone of their operations, they’ve still retained their positive reputation among buyers. The reason for this is because they work to convey their care for their buyers through their blogs and promotional offers.

Their blogs offer a wealth of information and entertainment for those who are willing to read through. And because the giveaways and discounts posted on their blogs require interaction through comments and correspondence, the entire experience feels a lot more personal for those who participate.


Sevenohm Kratom Vendor Review


Sevenohm Customer Support

Even with their reduced manpower, Sevenohm is still pretty responsive to consumer concerns and complaints. And although they don’t really offer a satisfaction guarantee for the lack of budget, they make up for it by giving all the necessary information that their buyers need before they even make the purchase.

By setting their buyers’ expectations right off the bat, the Sevenohm brand significantly reduces the chances of returns and exchanges since they rarely fall short of their consumers’ expectations.


The Bottom Line

Sure, some of their powders might be pretty old, but with kratom’s extended shelf life and viability even after years of storage, that shouldn’t be an issue. And although the Sevenohm brand might have run into their fair share of troubles throughout the years, the company remains a strong force in the kratom industry, serving one of the most extensive kratom powder selections you’ll find.


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