Slo Kratom Vendor Review

Because kratom has become increasingly popular over the past few years, it’s also become much easier to access. Wholesalers are available left and right, with some of them operating straight out of Indonesia. That’s also explains why so many vendors have managed to wiggle their way into the industry. With bulk kratom costing so low, it doesn’t really take much capital for a start-up to to enter the market.

A quick look at the Slo Kratom website might tell you that they’re your average, low-budget brand. But despite their basic website, Slo Kratom actually delivers impressive product quality that’s sufficiently backed by lab results.


Slo Kratom Vendor


Slo Kratom Review

While a lot of other brands enjoy relative popularity online, Slo Kratom doesn’t really appear much on websites and forums. In fact, save for one independent review about the brand, you’re not likely to find any written content about Slo Kratom online.

On the upside, the brand does have a bunch of reviews for individual products on their website. But since anyone can leave a review on their site, it’s hard to tell which ones are authentic and which ones were submitted by the Slo Kratom guys themselves.


Slo Kratom Product Line-Up

Most brands sell kratom based on strains, but Slo Kratom takes a different route by offering color veins. Their raw kratom powders are available in white, green, red, or yellow. And they also offer their own unique blends that combine the effects of different colors to give you a more dynamic experience.

Their blends include:

  • Sunrise (yellow and white)
  • Rainbow (all 4 colors)
  • Afternoon Delight (green and white)
  • Sunset (red and green)
  • Red Eye (red and white)
  • Inferno (red and yellow)

All of their powders are available in package sizes of 50g, 100g, and 150g. If you’re looking for a slightly stronger kick, they also sell two different extracts. Their 50x Gold Reserve Extract   and 50x Black Extract come in 10g, 15g, and 25g weights.

What really gives Slo Kratom an edge over a lot of other brands is that they have lab results posted on their website for buyers to read through anytime they need it. Their certificates of analysis Murray-Brown Laboratories Inc., but the brand used to post reports from two different labs for added reliability.

Maeng Da

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Red Bali

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


Super Green Malay

This product lab-tested and comes with a full satisfaction guarantee


What’s It Going to Cost Me?

Although they’re definitely not a premier brand, Slo Kratom sells their products at premier prices. Their powders sell for $14.99 for 50g, $24.99 for 100g, and $29.99 for 150g. Considering the fact that some brands sell their whole kilogram packs for just $80, some buyers are inclined to feel that Slo’s prices are slightly above market standards.

For those interested in their extracts, 10g sell for $24.99, 15g for $34.99, and 25g for $59.99. Of course, extracts are normally more expensive than raw powders, so it seems Slo Kratom falls within the expected range when it comes to their extract pricing.


Slo Kratom Coupon Code

Those hoping to try the brand’s products but aren’t too keen on spending more than their budget allows might benefit from the coupon codes that Slo Kratom offers. Subscribing to their newsletter via email can help you get the latest updates on their promotional offers and sales. But other than that, they also have an SMS service that sends coupon codes straight to your mobile. According to the pop-up notice on their website, the brand sends out vouchers that can shave off up to 50% of your order total.


Slo Kratom Consumer Reputation

Aside from the unverified reviews posted on their website, it’s hard to really tell what buyers think about Slo Kratom. However what we do know is that the brand doesn’t have any negative reviews either. Since disgruntled, unhappy buyers are often quick to take to the internet and detail their entire experience to warn future prospects, it seems that none of those who have purchased from Slo Kratom have anything negative to say. So we can expect that they might not be all that bad after all.


Slo Kratom Vendor Review


Slo Kratom Customer Support

Another thing that makes Slo Kratom worth giving a shot is the fact that they respond to inquiries in as little as 24 hours (or less). Buyers can reach out to the brand through their contact form, but the brand also leaves their office address online for buyers who are in their local area.


The Verdict on Slo Kratom

While they might not be the biggest kratom hotshot brand out there, Slo Kratom provides quality product that’s backed with all the documentation you need to make an informed choice. But of course, there’s no such thing as the perfect brand.

Slo Kratom’s prices are much higher than the average kratom vendor, pushing the limits on the average budget. Plus, because there aren’t any reliable consumer generated reviews about the brand, it’s tough to really figure out whether they’re worth patronizing or not.